Auto update script


Hello, excuse me, I wrote a script. I want to add the function of updating script. When the script is running, a window will pop up to show that the new version can be downloaded. Click to enter the download interface. But I have limited technology and don’t know how to write it. Can someone help me? Thank you very much.


Too little information.
How are you going to check that the new version is available? Parsing script homepage or sending requests to your server?
Is your script available publicly and can be downloaded without any auth, registration etc?

I did a quick example using Ivan Tepavicharov RenderMask

fn GetRenderMaskLatestVersion =
	local url = @""

	(dotNetClass "System.Net.ServicePointManager").SecurityProtocol	= (dotNetClass "System.Net.ServicePointManager").SecurityProtocol.tls12
	local wc = dotnetobject "System.Net.WebClient"	
		local bytes = wc.DownloadData url
		local ss = ((dotNetClass "system.text.encoding").utf8.getstring bytes) as StringStream

		seek ss 0
		skipToString ss "<div class=\"field-label-inline-first\">
		readLine ss
		local release_version = trimRight (readLine ss) " </div\">"
	catch( undefined )

version = GetRenderMaskLatestVersion()

if version != undefined do if #yes == yesNoCancelBox ("RenderMask " + version + " is available.\nWould you like to download?") do
	show_progress = true
	dragAndDrop.downloadPackage #( @"" ) (getdir #temp) show_progress
	ShellLaunch "explorer.exe" ("/select, " + (pathConfig.appendPath (getdir #temp) "render_mask.exe"))
        -- uninstall, install goes here


Thank you very much for your help.