Auto rigging scripts question


I’m starting to play around with character animation and I’m having my time rigging them… so started to check all those auto rigging plugs like Joint Factory or manus animan and was wondering if anybody has suggestions on wich one should I focus on considering my beginner status, thanks

P.s: I’m on osx


Hey maxx10,

If you’re planning on doing just character animation and nothing else, then those scripts are way cool. But if you actually plan on rigging your characters, then I’d say forget the scripts and learn how to rig from scratch. You can find lots of tutorials on the net and there’s alot of free rigs that you can download and just take apart to mess around with.

As a character animator, I really feel it helps to know about rigging as well. Often the rigs that riggers give me, dont always suit my needs. Its a real bonus to be able to go in and make some adjustments and add things that specifically suit my style of animating.

Once again, this is just a suggestion. Its by no means imperative.

Oh yeah and in case you pissed off that I never answered your question about which one of those scripts is the best. I really cant answer it. I’ve never used any of them, sorry!! :sad:



autoRig is really cool - creates curves that you line up to the mesh and click a couple of buttons - this rocks!

Some problems though - it faces backwards (why I don’t know) and I can’t figure out how to scale the char after rigging and binding a mesh (apart from starting again).

Also, the fk is a bit wiggy on the arms - but you can just remove this after the fact.

It’s very similar to the ikJoe rig as far as I can tell.



Thanks for the reply guys… my goal is to be able to rig them by myself, but at the moment I just have this urge to have them do something on screen coz I’m coming from DTP and used 3d apps only for print


yeah, I agree with ‘Loked’ here - the autorig stuff is pretty cool, saves you some time but learn to rig from scratch. You’ll have a much stronger understanding of why its doing something scrwewy when it cocks it up as I’ve found they all do so far!


I guess that’s true, as I’m experimenting now… after playing around with a character set up it seems that I lost the ability to move the hands, I can rotate them but can’t use the move tool anymore… and at the moment haven’t figured out what happend nor have any idea of how to bring the functionality back :banghead:


Hey maxx10,

I’m not sure what rig you’re using, but most good rigs have got a control for the translation of the arm and one for the rotation that maintains its orientation independent of the arm translation. You’re probably selecting the rotation controller and not the translation one. Try finding the translation one in the outliner or hypergraph. If it’ s a good rig, it should have good names and you should be able to find the arm translate controller.

Hope this solves your problem :thumbsup:

later!! :wavey:



Ok, think I’m starting to figure it out, it’s a matter of IK_FK switch, still trying to figure out this whole new universe… :wip:

thanks though… BTW may I abuse of your help ?? If so, the question now is if once I get a setup I’m satisfied with is it possible to reuse it with onother similar mesh without the need to set it up again… bind… paint weight and so on…??


If the model you are using is relatively the same proportions. It should’nt really be too much of a problem, but you can run into certain problems. In terms of skinning and setting up influences or blendshapes, theres nothing you can do about those things. You need to redo all that stuff. Basically when you paint weights it saves a map that is dependent on the UV’s of the mesh (actually I’m not sure if it saves a map, but its definitely based on the UV’s). The UV’s are obviously different when you use a new model, so those things wont work. :sad:

You can use the same influence objects, but you’ll need to reapply them and re-weight them.

later :wavey:



this is exactly why you want to use an automated rig tool!

multiple characters - binding, weighting, blendshapes, deformers etc

you want to setup a character in a day or two - not a week or two. Ever wonder why you see so many really cool models on these sites and so few animations and even less short films - it just takes too much time.

autoRig gives you the ability to rig a character in seconds - manipulate the guide curves and you’ve got another rig - easy.

I would also suggest looking up the weightTools.mel or the Big Idea weight import/export mels - both available on Highend. Transferring weights via UV weighting is soooo dodgy.



Anything worth doing once is worth doing many times, so you might as well script it.

Even if you use rigging scripts it’s best to know character rigging in case anything goes wrong, you know how to correct it and how to avoid it.

Good luck, and have fun animating.



I must agree with both Ckerr812 and magilla. Once you become good at rigging, it really gets tedious redoing everything a million times. Any decent character TD definitely has a decent scripting knowledge. However, like I mentioned earlier, first learn to rig and then try out those automated things. You’ll probably find that it will suit you better to create your own procedural rigs that consist of all the things that you like to animate with. Scripting will also help you automate so many stupid little things you just get tired of doing all the time. So I really suggest you start practicing your rigging and scripting side by side.

Good Luck on this journey :thumbsup: It can get kinda frustrating :argh:

Later :wavey:


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