Auto replace lost tracks doesn't seem to work


Hello guys, I’m new to C4D so excuse me if I’m asking something dumb.

When I try to track any shot, individual tracks get lost after a few frames and not replaced by new ones, so when I try to solve the camera, it kinda works until a certain moment in the timeline. I made sure that the “Auto replace lost tracks” option is checked.

I’m missing something but what?

Carlos R.


Hi Carlos,

Its hard to tell what’s going on without getting to see the footage. “Auto replace lost tracks” is trying the keep the overall amount of tracks constant by adding new ones when others die. In practice you will likely not end up with a 1 to 1 replacement though. You can disable all the filters (2d Tracking > Filter Tracks) to check if any new ones were created. But that is not gonna help you with your scene as they were most likely removed for a reason.
It could also be that your footage is not suitable for (auto) tracking. E.g. fast camera moves that introduce a lot of motion blur can be problematic.

That’s all I can think of without having a look at the footage.


Hi Carlos,
if you create Auto-Tracks first then the auto-replace option is grayed out and won’t be taken into account. You can either Re-Track your tracks, or delete them and run “Auto-Tracks” directly, that will create Auto-Tracks for you and auto-replace them as well.


This was actually the solution to the problem. What’s funny, is that C4D has the option activated by default, so I can’t think of a logical reason why “Create” then “Delete” fixes this.

Anyway, Nuke has it’s own weird behaviors too :smiley:

Thanks guys!