Auto-Backup script/function


Hey all,

I was wondering if there us an auto-backup system or a script for it where it will save your file like every 5 minutes or something.

When I used Max I relied heavily on it.

Is there a function or a script for that?




think i saw something like that on higend3d.
at least i saw there a sequential saver script that saves in higher version numbers each time envoked, which i would prefer a lot from an automated system.
wrote that one myself some 3 years ago abnd still use it heavily…
go and give it a try writing that one yourself… quite easy :slight_smile:





From Highend.

This is all I need! I am happy again.
Maya is not so stable as I used to think.
This is wonderful to have.



Keep in mind in the option box for Save/Save As… you can have maya automatically save an incremental backup. It’s great because I then have a save for every step of a scene’s evolution.


Yes, Incremental Backup is your friend. I don’t know how many times I’ve been saved by incremental backup because at 5:30am I accidentally saved when I meant to click on Open – that’s what happens when you fall asleep at the mouse.

I’m curious to see how the auto save feature works.



incremental save…how many times has it saved me? too many to count. I did experience some problems when I enabled the “limit” function, although that might just have been my fault…

god it’s too late again already. I’ve been working all day time for bed goodnight zzzzz


excuse me ,where can i download it.
it sounds really very good.


‘incremental save’ already is an integral part of maya. you can activate it via the ‘save as’ options in the file menu.


yes ,i got it


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