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Does anyone have experience of any game or 3D related courses in Australia. Either private or university based?


check out qantm or AIE if you don’t want to go to university, otherwise, there are some really good courses that Unis offer all around the country, there are quite a few up here in queensland.


I’m on the Gold Coast and the best I could find in QLD was QANTM in Brisbane that does game and 3D courses. Otherwise I’ve heard AIE is the way to go.


Looking at both of these though they give me a feeling that they are just after the money rather than being focused on turning out quality students. What little student work they do show on the sites look pretty terrible.

Has anyone got any experience with them, or anywhere else?


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anyone knows of more tdlike ==ttechnial courses (renderman etc) in australia?



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Katisss, I think your best bet is the escape studios Renderman online
course which Pixar helped develop, or if you are using RM for Maya the Digital-Tutors RM2 for Maya training kit.

As far as AIE is concerned I did a cert3 there and have just enrolled for the Advanced Diploma course. They have changed the course a bit from previous years, and I think it is for the better. They have a partnership with Deakin Uni to use their Motion Capture studio. Life
drawing, and a fair bit of 2D is taught as well.

I know what you mean though as far as student work on the site,
but remember these courses are generalist ones, so the work is
what it is.

You also get out of it what you put in. My mate just finished at AIE
last year, and he was shocked at just how many people were willing
to do stuff all, even though they had plonked down 20k for it.



Hey Maestro99,
Living in Australia as well i looked into AIE and Qantm’s animation programs and to be honest the student work wasnt very impressive Compared to programs like animation mentor.


anyone knows of more tdlike ==ttechnial courses (renderman etc) in australia?

Nothing beats buying a book and reading it for this sort of thing. Amazon is your best bet.

Courses in Aus are pretty poor when compared to the course at Bournemouth UK.but I am sure if your remotely talented your work and effort will be reflected in your reel


I did a CG TAFE course in Adelaide yeeeears ago. The teacher was a great guy, though wasn’t an industry pro so could never really compare to some of those Gnomon courses etc. Cost about $300 I think. TAFE is so cheap, if you’re lucky enough to find one in these days offering such a course.

Compared with the pricey courses, I reckon the online courses run by real experienced CG guys will give you far more for far less, and you can spend the rest on “living expenses” so you can devote all your time to improving your skills and your reel. I’m still amazed at how much gold is on a Gnomon DVD, for example. They are the very definition of “bang for your buck”.

I think most of us would rather study with other people to chat to and share knowledge, but you pay such a premium for the privilege in Australia these days.


Animation Mentor is an “Animation” course! 18months of only
animation. No rigging, no modeling, no skinning, no textures, no
particles, no blah blah blah.

The AIE and QANTM courses are generalist courses, and it’s pretty
obvious that the character animation side of things cannot compare
to AM. It comes down to what you want to do right?

The AIE and QANTM courses are FEE-HELP approved, so you don’t have to pay a cent upfront. Only when you begin earning over a set amount do you have to start repaying the Australian Government.

I have a lot of Gnomon and Digital-Tutors training DVD’s and I got
heaps out of them, but that classroom interaction is a big one. I do
very much agree about the student work though. I went to a
screening late last year of the Diploma students final work and it
was a big let down.



too bad bournemouth does no online classes, i already asked them. td college started promissing but seems they will only offer their basic classes for the next 2 years.


Does anyone have any reccomendations for Sydney?


Hey I work in the industry and have in the past (no longer as I am purly arts now) hired people for companies I worked at.

AIE and QUANTUM are both good options.

Here is the thing you need to know. If you don’t work your ass of at the thing you want to do and go above and beyond the course then you will not stand out to potential employers.


What you learn in a 2 to 3 year course (any course) will give you ‘basics’. Within three months of being hired you will find you know more than you learnt during the course. This is no reflection on the course but simply the effect of ‘working’ with seniors rather than ‘learning’ with students.

The whole point of your study is to prove to potential employers that you have ‘potential’ as an artist. If they can see you have talent that can be fostered then you are worth hiring. So do all the work that is asked of you in any course you join but also work in your own time and think about what would impress… if you want to be a texture artist then do extra texture work in your own time… get the idea?

The advantage of AIE and QUANTUM (at least when I hired there a few years ago) was that they have a relationship with some of the local studios and will do their best to show your work to them at an end of year ‘showcase’ that gets you potential employment.

If you do a University course be carful in which one you select. Some courses teach theory of multimedia and games with out doing more than a touch base on program usage. If you do one of these courses you are more likely to get work as a games designer (you create the game play) or producer as you won’t be much use at the practical stuff… make sure you ask questions about wether the course is hands on or not.

As for animation mentor… these guys are professionals in the industry and that is the knowledge you are paying for. Feedback from friends who have done the course is that you will get more for your money if you already know the basics going in. These guys can teach you subtlty and tricks of the trade that you wont have time to learn if you don’t already know the basics… (although they do teach them.) Plus with this course if you impress them they are a good industry contact to have. Just keep in mind they are working at places like Pixar so impressing them will mean hard work!

Personally I did a TAFE course in animation which gave me great basics. BUT I had to haul ass to get myself a job as there was no show case or industry contacts offered.

anyway that’s my 2 cents and certainly not the only way of looking at the situation.


I’m thinking either AIE or QANTM next year.
A friend of mine has done an RMIT course in games design but wants to study else where next year to further his skills in animation.
If anyone else has any information to give about courses in aus (particularly melbourne) please post up



Having worked and participated in the Education sphere in Australia for a number of years I can honestly say that it is very poor. Basically there are no options which provide a well designed and executed course.

If you are experienced and just want to make films then AFTRS may be an option. I went there a number of years ago to participate in their MA program. Whilst the school itself was good and other departments like Cinematography and Sound seemed to have their stuff together, Digital Media was a mess. Curriculum was non-existant and ‘training’ a misnomer. But their facilites are out of this world !

I basically went to learn flame as they are one of the few schools in the world who have one…ended up teaching myself it !

Nothing in Australia is at an equivalent level to something like Bournemouth or VFS.

There are a bunch of places offering software specific courses, but again they tend to be a bit low end and lacking good staff. Every so often I see a good short course being offered by one place or another but nothing comprehensive. Having been involved with a number of places in Sydney offering training (taught at one, attended 2) I can say it is a pretty sad state of affairs.

my only advice is this. Talk to the person delivering the course, the actual teacher, up front. If they are expereinced in the specific discipline you are interested in then take a look at their work. If it is not at least the quality you are seeing online at CGtalk or similar places then what do you think you as a student can learn from them ?

Also never trust a teacher that is not an experienced indstry professional. If they haven’t done time in the trenches then they aren’t good enough and had to hide in Academia !

good luck.


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