Australian Chapter - who's from Australia?


Heard that!


Sounds good…i’m IN!
just let the time n place be known…and i’ll try my best to B there!
mmm maybe with some constructive CG talks? Paul…u’ve always got something up your sleeves :slight_smile:


awsome to see some interest,

usual deal, what time, what date, what place. i’ll be there



not enough Brisbane CGtalkers =[


I’m an Aussie also, however currently living in Japan :smiley:



Can you drag yourself away from your duties for fun and frivolity?


hah, that is the question :smiley:

but work comes first remember :slight_smile:


:bounce: Brisbane!


Yay!! from where do you hail? Im Spring Hill myself, nice easy walk right into the city.


From sydney here :thumbsup:


once again its that time of the year,

I hope everyone’s year was worth while, best of luck to everyone in 07, i hope that it can be another productive year for us aussies :smiley:

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah & Happy Kwanzaa + Happy new year everyone, take care.


Hi everyone,
I’m new to both Australia and CGSociety. I’m located in Sydney. So you can freely count one more :slight_smile:

Kind regards to all Aussies…


Just another Sydneysider :twisted: finally getting around to becoming a CGS member…


Good on ya fellas, welcome!


Hi All,

Living and working in Canberra.


Just want to say a big g’day to all the other Aussie’s here.
I finally decided to pay for a membership to this cool site.


Hi Jason!

Is that Frankston, Melbourne?:smiley:


Yes that’s the one! The town that everybody makes fun of because of it’s seedy reputation, though it’s not that bad:)
Notice you are also from Melbourne too, great to see other CG artists in Melbourne!


Frankston’s not so bad. It just takes a little while to get to. :slight_smile:
We run a cgtalk sketchgroup every Sunday in the city if you’re interested:


Hi folks,

Just wanted to say hi to my fellow Aussies. Great to see a good number of folk from Melbourne in the forums. I’ve been a local of Melbourne for about 5 years now, having moved down here to pursue a career and forsaking the sunny beaches of Newcastle.
Hey Erilaz, that sketch group sounds interesting. i might have to check it out some time!

What kind of industries does evryone work in down here? I work as a concept artist/toy designer for a local based toy company.