Australian Chapter - who's from Australia?


I really hope we can get something going in Sydney. Let me know if anybody needs a hand I’m willing to help out.


Embarassed to say, but with the launch of the Portfolio, ive just now signed up for CGS membership. so yeah, id be glad to help with these endeavours, even though so far im in the very few Brisbane CGS members, and im not entirely sure of how much help i can be.


Hi all, just got my membership this very minute, I’d love to throw an oar in.


Hey Alister! We’re having a sketchgroup session down at the national gallery this weekend if you’re up for it! :wavey:


one can assume the national gallery is not in brisbane?


Catch a bus or virgin blue flies pretty cheap :slight_smile:

Location doesn’t mean much nowadays 90% of my work come from oversea’s
I’m sure people are trying to work at Cutting edge, beeps and krome etc

But there are other ways to do 3D and Pay the bills :thumbsup:


haha yes, my 3d work atm is from a company in Central Queensland, but thats over the phone and internet. I cant afford to fly to sydney or canberra for a sketch group, unfortunately.


There may be one, i’ll tell you when I visit. :smiley:


hey guys…just to say i’m in Melbourne too - exploring the wizards of OZee…:wavey:


Gidday Harsh (again - did you find your book?)

Yes, as Martin said, last weekend, we had a Sketchgroup out at Fed Square, near the Nationa Gallery here in Melbourne. Also, (topical), the Digital Media Festival will be happening at the Melbourne Park Function Centre, June 6 to 8. I’ll be along there too.


nothing happens in brisbane except IGDA meetings =[


Start a sketchgroup Peter! It’s the only way to get people out of the house these days! :smiley:


have you seen my drawing skills? nobody’s gunna show up!
besides, theres like 4 listed people from Brisbane on CGtalk


nothing happens in brisbane except IGDA meetings

Try living in Perth. :shrug:

Also, sign me up for any help required in Western Australia and I’ll also help out when I’m visiting the Eastern States as I so often do.


Here’s another from Brisbane - greetings, all. :thumbsup:


Another from Melbourne :buttrock:

I need some inspiration :banghead:


I’m an Aussie also, however currently living in Taiwan :smiley:


well…its now october… getting close to the end of the year again…

to those in melbourne and surrounding areas. what are people’s thoughts on a meetup based in melbourne? i’ personally would love to catch up and meet/greet everyone and have a few drinks :slight_smile:

Throw out some thoughts



Count me in on that, I could do with meeting some decent people for a change (instead of work collegues) :thumbsup:


I’ll try and corner Paul into finalising a Melbourne meeting time and place. That way we can have something relatively official. :slight_smile: