Australian Chapter - who's from Australia?


Lounge 9663 2916
243 Swanston walk Melbourne

Is that the Place - hmedia?


I can manage that. Unless something drastic comes up. :slight_smile:


Anyone mind if a non Aussie shows up on the 7th? I will be arriving in Melbourne on the 6th for an 8-9 week stay in Australia. It would be fun to put faces to the usernames here. Besides, I hear there is nothing else to do in Melbourne on a friday night :wink:

I will be there.


Hey, I resent that! :smiley:
But yes, you’re more than welcome! Always good to have some international flavour!


Hi guys,

Having set the date and place, I now know I won’t have a ‘Hope-in-Hades’ of getting into the city on the night. The Melbourne Office of Ballistic is some 40km out to the east (or so), and I know I’ll be deep into book production at the time. (Thats Elemental 2, EXOTIQUE and Painter).

If you know The Lounge, uptairs 243 Swanston Walk, get on over there and put faces to CGTalk names. I suggested out on the balcony cos it was a little easier to track faces outside at that time, than inside with the pub lights. Meet and greet people. Have a drink on me.


Ahh… sorry to hear it, but i guess work is work…

Anyhow, i hope to see everyone there on the night :smiley:



I have just found out I will be staying in Ballarat the first couple of days so I won’t make it to Melbourne on the 7th.

I will be in Melbourne for three weeks the week after though, so if anyone wants to meet or help a Dane have a good time in Melbourne drop me a PM please. No I don’t mean a good time, as in nudge nudge, say no more:) Just some good music or a good bar.

At the very least save me from resorting to the tourist guide and PM me some suggestions for laid-back music joints and bars please. Thanks.

Hope you guys and girls have a fun meet up on the 7th.


Oh man…you Melbourne folks are making me feel homesick - have fun!

Wish I could be there. I don’t think the Lounge existed when I was back there.

Where is it? Near Macca’s? Timezone? (is that still there?)? Man Unity building (opp Town Hall)? Am I way off?



Hey there Brad,

‘Lounge’ is a pretty dark, funky bar, pool hall, live music venue with restaurant fare, sitting on the first floor (above the street) on Swanston Walk. Its between Little Bourke and Lonsdale Street on the Elizabeth Street side of the road. I was thinking of that venue cos if the weather is good, and you stand out on the ample balcony, you can see all the way down past the Town Hall, across the Yarra to the Shrine.

With views of floodlit skyscrapers with seagulls circling, iconic trams and fairly good looking clientele, the Lounge has a seriously good range of refreshments and easy access to everywhere. I even met my wife there.

Although you’re thinking of a different, Flinders St end of Swanston, Maccas is still there (unfortunately), TimeZone has gone (phew), and that end is slowly being cleaned up so you don’t get accosted near the station. Man Unity building is still there, and the City Square is now the forecourt to Starbucks and the Melbourne Meridien Hotel. The whole block is desparately trying to look like Union Square in SF.

Lounge is a non-descript doorway on your left up past Lt. Bourke, though it sounds like you’re a few thousand miles away.

Ahh, ya gotta love Melbourne!


Great!, thanks for the information :slight_smile:

I’ll Definatly be attending, i finish class at 5pm so i’ll kill some time and get something to eat before i turn up i supose :slight_smile: anyhow, im really looking foward to seeing you all there and meeting everyone :slight_smile:

Should be a great night…



Always at the last minute I find out other things need attending to. Bugger. Sorry guys, I have to bail this time! It’s a rough time of year. Dang and blast it. :sad:


Ahhh… that is the sucks…

Anyhow, hopefully others will turn up, meet you guys out on the open area :slight_smile:


yeah I can’t make it either, see ya next time def. :frowning:


Yeah, I still have to own you at Streetfighter vs Xmen!:applause:


well, i just got home, and im sorry to say (not trying to offend anyone here) that the venue was… good but we definatly gotta plan this stuff better for next time…

myself and my girlfriend showed up about 8:20 or so, and went onto the deck waited around for 15mins, and nothing, no one really looked like they we’re waiting for anyone, but o well…

better luck nexttime i supose. maybe im just a tad annoyed…


Yeah Tyr, we really need to be all available! It’s hard when so people have so many schedules and (damn) work that crops up out of nowhere. Time is a beatche. Sorry again for not being able to make it! :sad:


Oh bummer! I wasn’t able to make it as it was a mate at work’s last day and we had a send off. Sorry I didn’t post earlier, might have saved you the hassle. :blush:


aaah I’m from Australia, formerly Sydney (Kings Cross area) but now living in Japan (missing decent TV, friends and coffee :). I just joined CG Society today. Well if any aussies travelling to Fukuoka let me know.


Hi there!

Thanks for joining. You’ll find a mass of things to do!
I’m in Melbourne, my home town, right now. It’ll almost feel like you’re home, where you are.

Keep in touch!


So, when are we going to reschedule a meeting? In the next week or so, I’ll be setting up a sketchgroup in Melbourne, but the regular meet should happen again.
I think what we should try and do is set up something every second or third month of the year just so we have a concrete date set in our minds to plan towards every so often. What do you think?