Australian Chapter - who's from Australia?


Faark… Got tied up…just got home from a loong meeting… Sorry guys (and mostly sorry me:sad:) I look forward to a few beers with some of you in the future… Again Wiro Cheers mate :beer: I hope you guys all had a thoroughly mental time!


Hey guys, how’d did it go last night?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it. I’ve been frantically busy preparing for my relocation to Oslo, which takes place in less than 3 weeks - it would’ve been great to have caught up with old friends and put some faces to the names here.

Shame there doesn’t appear to be a norwegian chapter… :S



I would of loved to join in however i had to work :frowning:


Akh, too bad some of you couldn’t make it. I think everyone had a good time and it was nice seeing some new faces. Next time I’ll have to take some pics =)

Grant, I think we’ll make up for it at your and Vinh’s leaving do :wink:



yeah i was trying to get there, but jsut got caught up with other things, will make sure i get to the next one


Hey guys,

I think the animation festival was very successful. The 1st day went very well, but the Constantine and Star Wars presentations today (2nd day) were just fantastic. I loved every bit of it. Just to be able to see how they worked on those movies. Very educating. I found myself taking notes, on I don’t know what, but the fact that I was motivated to do so says something. I hardly take notes on anything muahaha. Too bad I didn’t get to meet the other CGSociety members though. Would’ve been nice. I was rushing in between the Melbourne Convention Centre and RMIT. Anyways, overall, it was very satisfying. Just wish they had more guys from the US come in and talk to the rest of us.

Does anyone know what the next animation-related festival/seminar/conference will be? Or where it will be held? If there’s anything related to animation & special fx goin around, please inform us!

Take care everybody,



Hmmm… must have missed you somewhere. did you come to the CGS meeting?


Hey there Siosi,

These Digital Media Festivals usually pull some pretty good speakers and I’m glad to hear your opinion of what I thought was pretty cool too. I snuck back down to get to both those sessions as well. The next Animation/FX festival around Oz will be the perhaps the somewhat larger Sydney Digial Media Festival by the same guys, though I shall keep my eyes open for other Melbourne-based shows… I’ll post them as they come to mind.
Tomorrow is the last day here in Melbourne (Friday 3rd June). If people havent been in, or couldn’t make it in beforehand, come over and see us at the stand.

Thats right, CGNetworks/Ballistic Publishing have a stand at the Melbourne DMF and are selling books across the counter. Some of the people from the Melbourne editorial office will be there, including myself, so please come across and make yourself known.


Hey Paul, it was great to meet you and the Ballistic team! Hope your sales are going well! I would have loved to buy some… but I pretty much own most of them already!:smiley:


Hey guys,

Another brisbanite over here. I’d be more than happy to help out in any events etc whereever they may be.



Well that sucks! I was so close to goign too but just got swamped under at the last minute had my ticket and all.

If only i knew about this hread too i would have made sure i was there. Well if there is any upcomming events u need assistance with i will be more then happy to assist with.

Tom Frauenfelder
Melbourne Australia


ditto, always happy to help out :slight_smile:


Hello everybody,

Erilaz - No, I didn’t go to the CGS meeting. I couldn’t make it, because I had some family thing to attend to. It’s a pity though, because I was eager on attending it. Oh well, there’s always next time :stuck_out_tongue: I felt like I was the only 18 year old there on the first day lmao.

Hmedia - I should’ve introduced myself to you guys properly lol. I saw the stand, but there were so many people at it, that I just couldn’t be bothered hahaha. Very foolish of me, I know. It won’t happen again :slight_smile:

Anyways, just thought I’d pop in and see how people are doing. I’m starting on Alias Maya this week :slight_smile: Finally have the time to sit down and learn more about the program. I’ve always been keen on it, but never got around to the PLE. But I got my hands on it at the festival, and hahaha, I’m ready to begin. Can’t wait to see what I can come up with. I’ve been working with Photoshop and Flash mostly in the past, but my real desire was to work with animation and special effects. It’s just so interesting. I’m always looking out for cgi in movies these days. Analyzing things here and there. Anywho, I’ll stop blabbering and be on my way :smiley:

Take care everyone,



Heh, im 18 (19 on sat :D!) and i was there, so was my girlfriend, (18 also), there we’re a few more around, but yeah :slight_smile:

Anyhow, us Melbourne people should go out for a drink at a pub or somewhere in the city, get to know each other etc…


Hi guys,

OK lets try something here.

Lets all meet at 8pm, October 7th (Friday) at the Lounge Club, upstairs - (in fact out on the sheltered balcony lounge) at 1st floor, 243 Swanston Walk, Melbourne.

How does that suit all in Melbourne? This is plenty of notice and I thought the earlier someone does this, the easier it will be for the local CGSociety to meet up and organise other networkie outtings/projects.

Just as a catch up, a ‘match a face to the name’ thing.


I’ll be there.


Hi all!

I just signed up as a CGSociety Member,
great to see an Australian section :slight_smile:

I was wondering if there was anyone from Perth Western Australia in the society?

Wish i was in melbourne sometimes, looks like theres a lot of members there.
I’m a graphic design student majoring Illustration,final year (3)

nice to be involved with like minded people,

will post some of my stuff soon,

Paul Ikin


Hi Ikin,

I don’t know of any other Perth CGS members but hey, I may be wrong here. Good to see, you may be the first one for the Western City. Hey, where do you buy your CG/Digital Art books over there?

Boffin Books don’t seem to be confident about the range, but I thought you would know of another reseller, perhaps in Northbridge or Freo? Perhaps the Gallery bookshops?


Wow ,realy, the only/first Perth ?west australian on here.Cool
well i better be upload some good stuff, dont want to let down the whole west cost :slight_smile:

where do I get my digital art books…well Boffins is great and ebay is better :thumbsup:.

thanks for every one saying hi :slight_smile:



I would love to make it but I’m just gonna have to wait till a good date comes up. I would come on the 7th but I work till eight, it would be 10pm by the time I get there.