Australian Chapter - who's from Australia?


Hey Erilaz,

I’m at Bluetongue. Animating for games.
What about you?


Sorry about my super late response…:stuck_out_tongue:


Hi all,

Just finalising our involvement in the Digital Media Festival 1-3 June in Melbourne. I will be there and will be happy to meet up with anyone else there.

More info soon!



For you Digital Media Festival people, who’s up for food on the evening of the first day (June 1st)? If I get numbers, I can book us somewhere nice and not pricey.:smiley:


Guys, I just got off the phone with DMF.

We will be having our inaugural CGSociety Australian Chapter meeting on Wednesday 1st June 6PM in the DMF Theatre, Melbourne Convention Centre.

I’ll make a big announcement about it tomorrow once we’ve nailed down everything else.



Hi Leonard,

Will we still be able to attend the chapter meeting if we aren’t going to DMF?


Hey, missed the post before! :smiley: I work in the broad area of “graphics development” for games at Tabcorp. This means I have to do a bit of everything. Animating, modelling, texturing and the occasional sound editing and programming. How’s bluetongue going for you?


Yeah good, enjoying animating alot. Can’t wait 'til AM in Sept…:bounce:


Yes, but you have to register for the expo (free) at



Hi all.

Seems like the banana benders need some more heads. I’m on the Gold Coast / Brisbane:)


Anything further on the Sydney get together?


Yeah what’s the story? :smiley:


Well, I’m gonna be there wether the rest of you are or not :smiley:



No updates on the Sydney meetup yet. I’m just trying to get one thing done at a time, so our first will be in Melbourne. Still trying to get everything together for that as it’s only a couple of weeks away.




Will you post an agenda pre-meetup? What did you have in mind?


The CGSociety will be at the Australian Digital Media Festival, 1-3 June 2005 in Melbourne. Our inaugural CGSociety Australian Chapter meeting will be held on Wednesday 1 June 2005, 6PM at the DMF Theatre, Melbourne Convention Centre. All are welcome. This is a free event for all to attend, so please do help spread the word.

6PM, Wednesday 1 June 2005
DMF Theatre, DMF Expo, Melbourne Convention Centre


  • The CGSociety Launch, Announcements, Keynote and Chapter Formation – Mark Snoswell and Leonard Teo
  • The Making of EXPOSE’ 3 – Daniel Wade
  • D’artiste Character Modeling and Matte Painting Preview – Mark Snoswell
  • CGWorkshops Update – Leonard Teo
  • CGPrints Preview – Leonard Teo
  • Q&A Session


    All are welcome, registration is free. All DMF Expo attendees must register at:

Note that the Agenda is subject to change without notice.


BTW we’re going to make up a printable PDF file so that everyone can help print them or forward them on to friends.




That’s fantastic! I’m sad that it’s in such a short time. Don’t think I can make it…but, maybe…hmmm

Well as an inofficial industry meetup, so to say a warmup for Melbourne I still wanted to say that this Friday 27th at Clock Bar (top floor) in Sydney’s Surrey Hills is definately still on for those who live in the area.
There will be people from Animal Logic, Perception, Team Bondi, MicroForte, some from Ambience, Plastic Wax and various other companies there. It’s actually more of a friends and friends of friends meetup but everyone is welcome to join in.

You can find Clock over here:
Clock Hotel



Hi Wiro, I’d really love to meet with some of you folk… I’ll try drop in at the clock and see if I can spot you guys out… I’m kind of introverted but it would be interesting to put faces to some of these great entities that regularly appear on my screen… Yourself inclusive;), thanks for extending the invite mate!



Yeah wiro i will try and make it myself, it will be good to meet some more of the people from sydney


Heya Rob. Don’t be shy. Last time people didn’t quite know who to talk to at first either but after a few drinks you just plonk into any conversation and start talking :smiley:

As for recognizing eachother, hmm…
Well, my pic is on page 6 of the “post random photos” thread.
There’s also this threadfrom last Sydney meetup with a few pics of people who came.

If that fails, head for the people with the palest skin :smiley: