Australian Chapter - who's from Australia?


I think starting our own chapter is preferable simply because CGS is going to evolve and activities of the chapters will increasingly revolve around that. Initially, it’ll just be meet’n’greet, but incresingly i think it will tie in with the plans Leonard and Mark have for CGS, especially as it gains industry recognition. I envisage networking and industry meetings. Colab projects, formation of new teams (and possibly start-ups). I’v’e been fortunate to have full-time work as a concept artist for the past 3.5 years but it’s a fickles and difficult industry. Therefore, I very much like the idea of recognition the CGs membership will bring and the potentials contacts also. And well, maybe too, I can contribute something… :slight_smile:

So let’s just meet for drinks, to get to know first. Should we plan it for someitme next month - by that time we should have a bit more of an agenda given the rapid roll-out of CGS?



hi ya everyone! another melbounite here!


i’m in for Sydney =)


Hey there,

I’d love to catch up some some of you guys at the AEAF in Melbourne (June 1st), as was mentioned earlier.

Just a meet and greet, and a ‘get-to-know’.


count me in for sure! in Adelaide at the moment but after an overseas film job for 6 months ill start heading up the east coast, Virgin plane ticket easy enough to go to any of the meetings in the future too =)

This is all sounding great btw =D


Whoa guys!

We’ve got quite a list of names here already:

Update: 5 May

CGSociety Australian Chapter - Preliminary List of Members:

  • Martin Brennand, Melbourne

  • Jay C Miller, Melbourne

  • George Samuels, Melbourne

  • Richard Nichols, Melbourne

  • Brooke Luder, Melbourne

  • Tristan Lock, Sydney

  • Arild Wiro, Sydney

  • Grant Regan, Sydney

  • Stephen Vesperman, Coral Point (Sydney?)

  • Julius Garofali, Sydney

  • Marcel Harfouche, Sydney

  • Mick Odelli, Sydney

  • Geoff Hill, Sydney

  • Jared Martin, Canberra

  • Peter Thomas, Brisbane

  • Richard Honey, Brisbane

  • Lee WJ, Adelaide

I left out the Ballistic staff cuz we’re all part of it anyway.

I will be at DMF/AEAF in June - Who else is going and who wants to meet up?



I’m going and will defintately meet up, and these guys are also there:
George Samuels (ilandesigns)
Jay Miller (JayCMiller) - not definate yet.


count me in, i am in Sydney


Alo Leonard. Sounds good, I’m up for a meet wit you guys! Should be fun :smiley: but I’m tellin you, no1 will think I’m into computers at all… because of the way I dress… hahahha… anyways, can’t wait!




Coal Point is about 1 1/2 hours north of Sydney Leonard, Lake Macquarie if you know the area.


Also in Sydney. I’ll definitely attend any event that is set up and can also help with anything if needed.


Hey there,

I in Melbourne. More than willing to help out if I can around work commitments.

Heath Pagram


Hey heath… where do you work at? :slight_smile:


I’ll probably be able to make it to a sydney event, are there any dates yet?
Hey Wiro!



Ahahaha, more Animals! Cool to see you here, Andrew.

Well, I hope we can all meet up soon.
May I suggest Friday 27th of May at Clock Bar, Surry Hills (top floor)?



How much is a flight between melbourne and sydney these days? :smiley:


it all depends on what time and what seson, I’ve seen vergin blue for $90!! if you don’t mind leaving really early there are real cheap fights.

does your teacup fly starships too?:smiley:


Is that return? That’s pretty good if it is! Just trying to work out if it’s worth my while coming up for a Sydney meet then spending the weekend with my GF.

The tecup thing is just for the Starwars avatar theme going on. Are you changing yours? :smiley:


no thats oneway, I just had a look and the cheapest was $99, but the prices will change day to day depending on how full the flight is close to the departure day, also if the two carriers start to have price wars.

don’t need to change my avatar, though I should put my own work in after SW III.


only yesterday they were 79$…
stay updated on there virgins webbie… u can get heaps cheap tickets… so is it a forsure may 27th guys or you still not sure wiro?? keep us posted would love to meet a few of you guys…