Australian Chapter - who's from Australia?


Just want to say a big g’day to all the other Aussie’s here.
I finally decided to pay for a membership to this cool site.


Hi Jason!

Is that Frankston, Melbourne?:smiley:


Yes that’s the one! The town that everybody makes fun of because of it’s seedy reputation, though it’s not that bad:)
Notice you are also from Melbourne too, great to see other CG artists in Melbourne!


Frankston’s not so bad. It just takes a little while to get to. :slight_smile:
We run a cgtalk sketchgroup every Sunday in the city if you’re interested:


Hi folks,

Just wanted to say hi to my fellow Aussies. Great to see a good number of folk from Melbourne in the forums. I’ve been a local of Melbourne for about 5 years now, having moved down here to pursue a career and forsaking the sunny beaches of Newcastle.
Hey Erilaz, that sketch group sounds interesting. i might have to check it out some time!

What kind of industries does evryone work in down here? I work as a concept artist/toy designer for a local based toy company.


G’day Redfrog,
Good to see someone else from Melbourne here. I don’t work in the industry at all worse luck:sad:
i’m just a hobbyist at the moment. But i’m hoping that will change once I get a lot better. I’d love to do architectural interiors and product design. I’ll leave animating to the pros.
At the moment i’m working in a warehouse as a storeman (wish I was working as a CG artist instead)


Resident o’ Fitzroy Nth, Melbourne. Drinks at the Pinnacle?


Someone mention drinks?


Hi all. I just joined the community. Nice to meet you all.


G’day and welcome nicwyc, some very impressive architectural work in your portfolio too:thumbsup:


Thank you for your comments octopus7. I had a look on your portfolio and i’m quite impressed with your imagination and creativity. Hope that we can exchange some ideas on work and design in future. :thumbsup::thumbsup:


Hey All

I’m from Brisbane and don’t get down south as often as i’d like, but count me in.


I just moved back to Norway, i lived in melbourne for 5 years. Wish i had known about this site then. I hope its ok that i pop my head in now and then to see what you guys are doing down under. (I lived in Melbourne btw)


Course you can pop in Cracchus. The more the merrier. You can even do us a sketch of what you think Melbourne looks like right now. Submit it when we finaly get ourselves sorted for a meet down here! :wink:


Hey there peeps, I’m originaly from Brisbane, living and working in Melbourne for the past year now.

flails arms in the air




Just finishing up on the Gold Coast at the moment. Might be here for a little longer or heading back to Sydney in a month or so after I jet off to Hong Kong for a well deserved break.



I’m Joel - nickname is SandmanNinja - and am new to these boards.

I’ve been using 3DS Max for about 2.5 years (since version 8 was released), and am working towards getting skilled up in ArchViz. I currently use Max 2008 and Mental Ray.




Gidday mate!! :smiley:


G’day Sandman! Welcome aboard.



What a friendly place!

Think I’m gonna like it here. :slight_smile: