Auschwitz Birkenau, Vladimir Sitnik (3D)


Title: Auschwitz Birkenau
Name: Vladimir Sitnik
Country: Russia
Software: 3ds max, MARI, Photoshop, ZBrush

Auschwitz Birkenau concentration champ main enterance. 3D reconstruction.

Hi-Res link:
Auschwitz Birkenau 3D Concept 2560x1164

Comments are welcome…



Very nice image. Amazing detail.
The only thing that bugs me are the train track corners…which are too tight for a train to go on them. Otherwise good job!


Great details on the ground! May I ask how you create it?


Very impressive work. I do think that “mister Himmlers’” chin is looking a bit odd though, might be the light or the skin shading.

The details and information in this image are of very high quality. Well done!

Quite an iconic Gate if you ask me.

Conra 6



I’ve visited the camp and I think your image gives a piece of the “darkness” feeling I had there. A little bit “warm” maybe for me, but it is only my opinion. And it gives the old fashion style to the colors so…



Iconic illustration, tragic subject.


Quite realistic!


great memory image for sad time


DLiang: I have generate a displace map in Zbrush based on ground texture. After I add all 3d details that intersect this displace surface for ground randomize look. If you want more information about how I done this I could write a some tips at my blog…

thenimlot : Maybe you are right but I don’t fell that there is a big difference between my track corners and those that I saw in my references

cobra6 : Yeah, I agree with you. I lose a sss pass in compositing scene…

Hi-Res link gray render:

Auschwitz Birkenau 3D Concept 2560x1164 (GRAYSCALE)


looking is very good i love it


I like the overall environment. Shading and Texturing are Excellent.:thumbsup: The characters are looking dull and they more look like made of silicon.

could you elaborate more about ground displacement and how you scatter the objects(small tiny rocks and details)



Thank you very much! I actually knew that technique but haven’t thought about that.
again, awesome work :thumbsup:


WooooooooooooW. how long did it take to be finished?


Damn, so less comments, this is amazing work, I really love it!


Something about one year of my free time…

Thaks a lot for your appreciating…


Nice job!

the final station of my grand mother (her mother) family… Sachsenhausen was the same for her father family…

I love the pict.



Great work :slight_smile:


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