I think Fume can be very not fun if you’re running a slow computer.


Haha, very very true… same goes for any other type of simulation though, especially fluid dynamics. :slight_smile:


You receive a reply yet? I sent mine in last week still waiting :frowning:


Haha nope, I applied earlier today :stuck_out_tongue:


Dont get me wrong, I do use fume, I just think that as an efficient production tool there are many areas where it could be made more efficient and user friendly…

By the way… .shouldn’t we start a new thread called “Phoenix”?


W:curious: w this is going to to be interesting to say the least…


Got in today! Hopefully I can play around with it this weekend some.


All links are dead, what happened??


This is what AURA has become…



I’ll have to give this a try :smiley:


Hey so I’m working on a nuke and this is what I’ve got so far without too much time, there’s frames missing in the sim which I’m working on but you get the idea

what i like most about these and Phoenix is its ability to work with Vray, both these shots are using one light with a hdri map!


another quick nuke test with hdri and vray lighting


Be nice if this space was finally updated and renamed for PhoenixFD…(insert tumbleweed here…)