YAY!! I got accepted for the beta version.

Can’t wait to get it.


Congrats, I’ll see you in chaosgroup closed beta tester’s forum then :slight_smile:


That sucks, by the time I hear about it and see all the stuff people have done with it, I can’t try it out. I guess there’s no real point to this thread anymore…


its a closed beta programme, not a dead beta programme. :wink:

write to chaosgroup to get in that programme.


Hey, I understand it’s a closed beta program, but why not allow access to the gallery of images and clips for Aura, or even allowed to comment on the Chaos forum on the small bits in pieces of animation I have seen. BTW, the comparison test that I have seen, and most of the stuff on cgromans site, have looked fantastic. And, this is coming from someone who has messed with Maya Fluids for fire effects, not used it in production or anything, but I would like to see more, know more about Aura, especially as I have read that it could be heading via plugin to Maya as well, and although, I can’t afford unlimited, this might be an attractive buy for those of us who can’t. In particular, I would like to know the stats of that comparison test, how long to render, and as I understand it, the tech is different than Mayas, in that it doesn’t have to be in a container, that’s pretty interesting to hear about would like to hear more. Of course, the main question, is when can I try it out for myself?


One month …

Thanks for your time!


is there any news on Aura?.. or is it secret?
if not (wish i hope) can you please tell me how its going…
i´m looking forward to see a “Final” release.

one year has passed since ChaosGroup updated info on Aura!



yeah, still no words from Chaos about Aura.
would really be happy if someone of you can provide us with some news about it.


Isn´t there ANY! news regarding “chaos Aura”…

Come one… the last post/Info on aura (from chaos group) is from 2004… and we´re in 2006 now…
i would really like to see something new regarding “Aura”



I’ll second that…
Its the only solution for realistic organic flames ( fluid like) for 3dmax, not smoke or explotions like afterb or pyroclust… the samples that i’ve seen are amazing… closeups of flames…the only thing similar to it would be fluid dynamics in maya, its shame that for a current project we are going to have to buy maya just for that…
anyway great tools i hope chaos finishis it soon



yeah… someone knowing about the progress of Aura… PLEASE could you tell us how it´s going?



no idea man but u can still get pheonix it does fire fluid like but u dont have to go thru the simulations


well, I’ll take back what I said of being a shame of having to use Maya Fluids…
the tool just works!, really great pice of technology there… once you learn the basics… its all tweak and tweak little…
still wuld love to see Aura… for now Maya got the job done…

abut… Phoenix … for max… dunno… didnt check on to it…



ChaosGroup loves VRay much more than Aura :rolleyes:.
I think they woking right now on VRay…


Hehe they better! We’ve all been waiting on VRay 1.5 for quite some time now. Aura is kickass for sure, but I’d rather have 1.5 released first… or better, now!


well, i’d say to choas release your aura first, then go back to new releases for vray

i think aura kicks ass, but i never get to use it, when i find out about it, it’s too late.


Seems like a convienent time to have a failure. Could have happened I guess, or could be prepping some announcements.

Chaos Group servers are undergoing maintenance due to hardware failure.
Please excuse us for the invconcenience. Any questions direct to our staff: .
If you are a V-Ray customer or you have any V-Ray related questions - please direct those to


strange that this whole Aura thing has been quiet for so long. and now with Fumefx on the horizon, perhaps Chaos has lost the foothold they could have secured 2 years ago.

or maybe some other fluid simulator will pop out of nowhere…

it’s about time Max gets something like Maya Fluids.


fume does look very nice indeed.


Nothing has happened on the Chaos aura front… has it??
No news… no nothing… hmm?

Well… looking forward to the “soon to be released” FumeFX… SitniSati/Afterworks just keep bringing new great stuff to the masses :bounce: