im also wondering if anyone knows when the new beta version might be released.thanks



New build. :smiley:


When are we getting a March build? :cry:


hi everyone,

since build 0.61.01 there was a major bug with all turbolence values. chaosgroup fixed that now in the new build 0.63.02!

i tested aura for some time now and i will use it for my diploma film. it’s definitly a great and powerful fluid dynamics plugin for 3dsmax, even if its considered to simulate fire & smoke!

some tests i’ve made:

C&C are welcome :wink:


Anyone know what the copyright status of this public beta is? am I allowed to use imagery created with Aura in a commercial production? I can’t see any info at the chaos website.

EDIT: Silly me, of course they would put the info in the installer file! :slight_smile:


hi Ian,

here’s what one of the developers form Chaosgroup says in the Aura Forum:

Quote: " Aura public beta can be used for any purposes - including commercial use. You should keep in mind tough that this is beta software with no support and we may discontinue the public beta at any time without notice. So you should be very careful if you use it commercially because you may stumble upon bugs, crashes, irregular updates or discontinuation of the public beta." (Evtim)


So, yes you can use it. :slight_smile:


So, are there any more news about AURA releases yet?
it’s over 15th of April, not working anymore?
hope it’s not discontinued, would be nice if it’s integrated into MAX though :wink:


Got that right.


They are back!

Just got a mail a couple of days ago with the subject: “Closed AURA beta test programme invitation”. I just signed and faxed my Non-Disclosure Agreement that comes along with it. Don’t have any information yet about the program itself or what will happen now… We’ll see I guess


u must be patient on this one… :wink: but they assured me that the aura project will be continued. this plugin has so much potential!


Cool to see you on CGTalk! I’ve seen some serious stuff what you did with Aura. I really like that campfire you made.


is there a way how i can get this plugin? the download seems te be unavailable on the chaosgroup-site… :sad:

After seeing some amazing animations i really want to try it out.


It’s not a public beta anymore… You can try sending chaosgroup a mail with your request, who knows :slight_smile:


I’ve heard it’s been released… but when i checked the site there’s no news.
does anyone know what’s hapening? Will need great fluid system for future projects :slight_smile:
The beta worked fine although with so many bugs but I think the plugin has a great future.


My beta expires the first of december 2005, so I don’t think it’s released :wink: Read the post above yours


ahh… cool, lets see if they reply me :slight_smile:


My beta expires the first of december 2005, so I don’t think it’s released

how is it possible that you have a version which works till december 2005? The only versions i can find are functional till februari an march this year -.-
I dont understand.

ps. they didnt reply to my mail…



the plugin aura will be released, although u have to wait at least till 2006 for it to buy.

the chaosaura project is currently in a closed betaphase, which means u have to ask chaosgroup for participation. nevertheless there are new builds for all participants.


does the aura still available for download??


Dude, in the last 10 posts it’s awnsered like 20 times :smiley: