Thanks Boa it’s working great now :slight_smile:



…hmmm this great aura does get heavy on a machine when it’s simulating and rendering some heavier stuff.


fooled around with aura for about an hour… havnt messed with it since i have no time as of late

this is what i came up with… a simple stove burner. but i cant figure out how to get the colors to NOT radiate outward. there is that orange barrier around the flame so it doesnt look right.



Ok, I know everyone has already tried and made this mushroom thing… but I just need some comments, this is my 1st mushroom test… where I wanted to make a explosion mushroom but more soft smoke… not as thick as the nuclear one.


hi. I would like to know if there are any informational sites or files i can get so i can start learning how to use this tool.



as i remember there is a help file incluted whit the program… if you dont have the program you can download it here:


This Beta is going to expire soon… I haven’t got much time to try it out to the max… does anyone know if there will be any other betas after 15 of Oct before the final release?


Do you need a reg code to check out the beta?


yes read the readmefile that coms whit the program. it will explaine how


Apparently Aura isn’t compatible with Mental Ray… or at least not easily. Has anyone found a way to get MR to accept Aura?


chaosAURA public beta
Latest build: 0.61.01
Released: 03 Dec 2004

Download Build Here=

HomePage =


Thank you Billy, the initial post has been updated properly.


Hi , i also need to know , anyone knows if aura is compatible with MR in max6?



Hey mariano, i’m waiting for my authorization code to come back and then i can try some tests. Anybody know how long these builds will be coming? or when the product will be ready?


Hey, i checked to see if it works with MR… Very unfortunatly no. We could put a bug in their ear but i wonder if they would really add support for MR as they have their own renderer they have to sell… Darn! Oh well, i’m optimistic.:scream:

-Brian H.


Mental Ray support will be added soon, probably the next build. And the next build will come around the beginning of February :slight_smile:
check out these topics in the Chaos forums:


I was most impressed with the Aura examples I ran across and I see that the public beta is available for download as an installer file. However, I can find no HELP file and no docs anywhere. Is there a tutorial available anywhere? Can anyone point me in the right direction? I am embarassed to say that I can’t find the installed plug anywhere. Thanks.


The installer installs both the plugin and the help files. Check Help -> Additional help and it should be there.


Thanks. I confirmed that the help file is indeed there although for some reason it isn’t showing up from inside Max 6. I’ll try re-installing.

By the way, when I originally tried to install into Max 7 I got a dialog that said the plug-in wasn’t installable. I recall hearing that Max 7 was designed to run ALL plugs that work in 6. Is it possible to use Aura with 7?

I’m really impressed with the examples I’ve seen and I’m grateful to Chaos for making this public beta available.



When Does The New Beta Version Come Out For Testing?? Does Anyone Know?