Wow, that’s some unexpected news. Will def. be curious to see what comes of this… very exciting. I hope it turns out really well… will be very hard to compete with Fume at this point. I don’t have much time for it, but I’ll apply and see if I can get on the beta anyway. :smiley:


I think with some good planning it could be much better than FumeFX. Fume is great but I dont think its a great production tool. Too slow and clunky… but such is the nature of simulation!
I saw some examples of a fume style system in the vray Environment Fog page and was wondering what it was… now I know!
Halfway down for some vids and pics:

At least it will render perfectly with Vray! That for, one, is a given.


I wonder if this’ll be Max Standard Renderer compatible in order to work with Vray. If so that would be a boon for Vray, Brazil and Fr users.


It works with any 3ds Max-compatible renderer (excluding mental ray). Some more exotic features are only available in V-Ray though, since there is no common 3ds Max API for raytracing.

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Yeah sounds cool, will be interesting to see how it stands up against fume and visa versa.

It could be better, but Fume has an already established ‘fan’ base. I guess FFX is currently the only CFD solution in max.

Jordo, you would HOPE it would work as expected in vray anyway… ha ha


I applied as well, curious how it will work out.

Could we see Fume/Phoenix/AB all in one shot?

And krakatoa and realflow…

and rayfire. :o


You’re kidding, right? :surprised What do you generally use in production then? I find Fume extremely fast, and invaluable as a production tool, especially since it’s for Max and works well with TP and Pflow. I can’t imagine having to go back to Afterburn haha … I’ve also found Maya and Houdini are both slower and generally more cumbersome to get set up and iterate through, even though they both offer some really cool features we don’t have, and though I don’t know them as well I’ve also heard a few stories :). I’m not sure about Blender or C4D’s stuff, but nonetheless, I’m curious what you’re using, if not Fume.


I think Fume can be very not fun if you’re running a slow computer.


Haha, very very true… same goes for any other type of simulation though, especially fluid dynamics. :slight_smile:


You receive a reply yet? I sent mine in last week still waiting :frowning:


Haha nope, I applied earlier today :stuck_out_tongue:


Dont get me wrong, I do use fume, I just think that as an efficient production tool there are many areas where it could be made more efficient and user friendly…

By the way… .shouldn’t we start a new thread called “Phoenix”?


W:curious: w this is going to to be interesting to say the least…


Got in today! Hopefully I can play around with it this weekend some.


All links are dead, what happened??


This is what AURA has become…



I’ll have to give this a try :smiley:


Hey so I’m working on a nuke and this is what I’ve got so far without too much time, there’s frames missing in the sim which I’m working on but you get the idea

what i like most about these and Phoenix is its ability to work with Vray, both these shots are using one light with a hdri map!


another quick nuke test with hdri and vray lighting


Be nice if this space was finally updated and renamed for PhoenixFD…(insert tumbleweed here…)