August: Topics Discussion


Hello to everyone,

It is July 22, 2009 and time to start thinking about possible non-audio topics for the month of July. I have seen a few new faces and hope to see many more. If you are new to the animation mini challenge, I would like to welcome you and encourage anyone, no matter what your experience may be, to join in.

It is once again time to start thinking about topics for next month. If you’re like me, and I am sure many of you will at least agree when I say that I am anxious to start the “Queen of the Rocket men” animation. The “Hardcore Modeling Challenge” is working on the models for us to work with so please be patient. Roberto will no doubt let us know when the time comes when we should expect to run that particular project.

As for right now I hope everyone still has their creative juices flowing. Now is the time to express your opinion for next month’s topic. I invite everyone to participate in the discussion.

Remember to share in a timely fashion because time is a ticking and the month of August is coming around the corner.

In order to grasp and maintain the interest of all the animators out there, this thread is here so that all of our needs, wants, and toughest obstacles show up in the monthly challenge. There needs to be rules in order to keep things fair and in the best interests of the challenge, which is to have FUN and learn from our experiences and peers.

If anyone would like to try and start an “Audio Topic” along side the “Non-Audio” topic please let it be known and suggest what kind of audio (Comedic, Drama, etc…) you would like to see here. I will try to find a clip of audio that will fit the voted on topic.

  1. Deadlines are final; anything posted after the set deadlines are void.
  2. This thread is meant for suggestion and suggestions only
  3. Voting will take place on July 29, 2009, on a completely new thread.
  4. Suggestion will no longer be taken after July 28th, at midnight.
  5. No inappropriate topics, we have to follow the rules set forth by “”


Here is a list of the topics that were already used this year:

[li]Frightened[/li][li]Walk Cycle[/li][li]Ball Kick[/li][li]Lifting an object and putting it somewhere[/li][li]Watching a scary or funny movie[/li][/ol]


ball kick we can try it…



I would try the fourt one but it would be certainly a difficult role.


I am really sorry guys I didn’t mean to confuse anyone, but the topics that I listed are the topics that we have already used. I thought it would be useful to see the old topics. That way we don’t have to worry about anyone repeating them. I thought that if I had them listed no one will have to hunt them down themselves. So please feel free to make any other suggestion and try to not use the ones listed in the second post of this thread.

Once again I am sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused.

See you later…


How about going up stairs/ramp? Just a short animation of a character carrying something up steps or an incline.

Could make for some interesting animations.


my suggestion: give the audio sample we can start animate for this… we have already discussed about this splinter… for this august it will be interesting… and then create new thread under august month…

title,name,place… it will be easy to find others work and discuss…


citizenvin - I have every intention on putting the audio clip up as a part of the next session. I was really just hoping that I could get suggestions for what genre should be used. I am not actually going to give the clip up until the first of the month.

Everyone - SO if anyone has any suggestion on the genre for the audio clip please voice them here so that we could vote on them soon.

Thank you,


how about:

1.opening a container (box,can,soda,bottle, etc)
2.opening a locked door
4.falling asleep on a desk (ie class or work)


How about:

  1. Waiting for someone
  2. Waiting for the food ordered
  3. Trying to show your presence when you are neglected by some one
  4. Getting lost some where (showing the confused state of mind)


Awesome ideas everyone… I can’t wait to find out what next month’s topic is going to be.


Great ideas!

but let me add some supplements:

  • We would make a dancing character with freely chosen music style (for example I like instrumental musics)
  • or, it could be a singing character (singing for a funny song or a small part of it)
  • or, this character could be an imitation of a famous singer.

I like Svelan’s ideas especially where the character is waiting for his food…


wow, i liked the mikes dancing ideia with the freely chosen music style, i think that can be a very good study


i like the idea of making a character sing a song as well!


Hey, really wanted to join in this month but been sick with flu. So next month i’m definately hoping to join in.

I really like the idea of doing a dance animation where we pick our own 10 secs of music. Not really interested in the singing tho as I don’t think it will be nearly as expressive/creative…

See you all around!



I like the dance idea…

How abt a Michael Jackson dance??!!

**We can animate anything. Which of his shows/videos we use for reference would be upto the animator.

**Or even better…let us choose one of his best shows/dance moves and everyone animates that one…

I have to admit I’m not much into dance and music myself.
So if u r a fan plz post some video links of what you think is his best.(assuming u like my suggestion of course).


dont know, i think that a michael jacksons dance is unique and almost everyone will make a rotoscopy (dont know if in english the word is right) copy exactly the moves, and its more a copy then a study for me…


I personally feel we should go for more of acting stuff b’cos all of us are in a process of learning things.
So if we are doing a dance then it should not be just a dance. In the dance we need to show really intentions of the character and the characteristics. If we miss that feel then
as Vidotto said its going to be rotoscopy
(frame by frame animation only).

I like MikeCR ideas:
falling asleep on a desk (ie class or work)
opening a container

Hope i didn’t confuse!!


Hey guys it is time to start voting for the animation topic that you like the best. So please head over the the voting thread and place your vote.

Here is the LINK


Okay! I voted it! :bowdown: