August 24 ‘Bubble Dance’ teaser thinkingParticles LIVE Webinar with Augusto Lombardi



Details on the Webinar: see facebook EVENT page: (see About, including how to download the free trial / get edu license to follow along)

REGISTER in advance for Augusto Lombardi’s LIVE Webinar:
limited spaces (60 spots left) so please register ONLY if you can actually attend, as it’s free.
After registering, You have to await approved registration confirmation from cebas. If you do not get this, you have not been approved.

Getting thinkingParticles to follow along:
thinkingParticles 6 newest Drop 6 with the new feature, ALL PURPOSE FIELDS, (trial download available) FX players can now do even more powerful volumetric particles in motion with greater ease! Browse thinkingParticles Drop 1 to 6 new features video playlist:

thinkingParticles educational license please email Cedar Thokme directly.

Thank you.

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