August 2002 Challenge is now Over - Please read


First I just want to say well done!!! This has been another great challenge, though I wasn’t as involved this month, I will be once the new challenge site has been launched.

Things to note

  • Please no more updates after this timestamp, if you choose to update your entry after this timestamp, it will be disregarded…

  • The “council” who I have assembled, has already come to an agreement for September 2002 challenge, it will be announced Monday morning (the 9th) to refresh your memory this team consists of

Ambient Whisper
Pascal Blanche
and myself Lildragon

  • I’ve decided to wait until the new challenge site is up and ready to start voting on this months challenge, there we’ll announce the “winners” and have special in depth interviews with particular artists on their accomplishments…

  • I will also post the May/June and July and sigh August results at that time, ( yes that’s right 3 of them :slight_smile: )where the winners can pick up their digital trophies…

The new challenge will be underway very soon, so either take a lil break or jump right back into it on Monday :). This one will be another hoot.

I really hope I can get myself in on the next one :slight_smile:

Any questions or comments please feel free to ask



Monday morning? You mean I’ve got to wait a whole 2 days?!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that I speak for everyone when I say that these challenges have been (and still will be) the greatest source of inspiration and learning, so thanks to all you guys out there that make it possible! That includes moderators, administrators, participants and viewers (which I think covers everyone). Oh and the monkeys… we can’t forget the monkeys.

I can’t WAIT until the 9th! (Which I assume is the 10th here in Aussie-land):smiley:


YEZ!!!I AGREE WITH erilaz! CGTALK RULEZ!!!:buttrock:


Right on, erilaz.
I can’t wait for the next challenge!


i completely agree! these challenges are a wonderful learning experience. a big thanks to the people who keep this place running.:beer:


agreed, another 2 pints of beer :beer:

you should give us the next topic now though, it’s weekend - and there loads of time to model on weekends :smiley:


I just want to say that you guys at cg talk have helped me out a LOT with my skills. :thumbsup: :applause: And these challenges are the best ever, I hope you can come up with another great theme for this one. Thanks a bunch!:bounce:


i agree to every one here:beer: …

CGtalk is the best place for CG geeks ana place of inspiration aswell…


im entering the next challenge :smiley: ive cleared some time from my busy college schedule :wip:



i need that new challenge theme on my desk by tomorrow

if not…well i dunno, just let it loose :smiley: