Aug / Sept & Oct / Nov cartoon rigging challenge_Rupesh


Hi All,
This is my cartoon rigging challenge thread. My WIP, so i’ll post screen shots ASAP. Software-Maya

Thank you Todd to gave this opportunity.
My thanks to WIlliam “Proton” Vaughan to provide nice model.

Rupesh Javvadi


Sorry for belated post. Busy with my office work. Currently working with noodle type arm. For Shell, I didn’t work yet. I will post soon.

Joints Arrangment:

With controls:

Rupesh Javvadi


Looking good so far dude! :slight_smile:


Hey RikkiKnight,
Thanks for your reply.

Here are some images:

FK Ctrls:

Noodle Ctrls:

I was uploaded my Rigging Demoreel V2.0 recently.
Please leave a comment. It’s very helpful for my next verion of this.


Nice setup. Do you have any video of the rig working?


nice layout so far!
wouldo be nice to see it moving if you have time to pst some videos up? :slight_smile:


Currently, I’m working on Noodle type arms and legs with dynamic control switching. If it will done, i’ll post video. Thank you very much for your suggestions RavenEye and RikkiKnight.:slight_smile:


the IK FK switch without snapping is awesome :frowning: I’m still figuring out how to do it. You don’t mind give me any tips? :frowning:


You are asking about FKIK Autosnap, right?

xform is a command that sets any element in a transformation node.

$shoulder = `xform -q -ws -ro jIK_Shoulder_L`;
xform -ws -ro $shoulder[0] $shoulder[1] $shoulder[2] jFK_Shoulder_L;
$elbow = `xform -q -ws -ro jIK_Elbow_L`;
xform -ws -ro $elbow[0] $elbow[1] $elbow[2] jFK_Elbow_L;
$wrist = `xform -q -ws -ro jIK_Wrist_L`;
xform -ws -ro $wrist[0] $wrist[1] $wrist[2] jFK_Wrist_L;

and vise versa,.

*naming is important.

Hope, it will helpful.


I was wondering is xform a variable and if so when you type “shoulder” what does it mean?


Hey SteamMonkey,
Xform is not a variable, it’s a command. $shoulder is a variable. I mean, you can put any name after $ it’s consider as a variable.

jIK_Shoulder_L is joint’s name.
-ws means worldspace.
-ro means rotation.

I just call the world space rotation values of jIK_Shoulder_L with the use of xform command and store the values in that string.


Here is the video link that I just uploaded:
please give me any suggestions.


looking good!
Some very nice stuff there with the dynamic noodles
I noticed you have a switch that goes from fkik to noodle?
Can you use fk or ik while in noodle mode?


Hi Rupesh (I’m finally getting in a post on your thread :slight_smile: ), -it looks like a great set-up & the video shows off nice control for the limbs stretching, along with the IF/FK switch.

I don’t have a lot of experience with Maya (and it looks like there are a lot of Maya rig set-ups in this comp), but VERY COOL of you to share your info and help! :beer:

Good luck!


RikkiKnight: No Rikki, It’s just switch between FKIK setup to Noodle setup. FKIK setup automatically disable when we are in Noodle setup or Dynamic Noodle setup. Thanks for ur comments.

JoshPurple: Thank you very much.
Not only this thing, I set-up the shrinking technique along with stretch joints.
For volume preservation and collapsing, added Squash switch. Use this on work purpose.
Manual and dynamical controling of tail.
Broken Heirarchy technique.
FKIK for Legs, Arms, Spine, Neck and Head.

Currently working with Skining, after that SHELL. It’s a big challenge for me.


those dynamic noodle arms are really cool. great idea - would be a great help for a ragdoll style animation sequence.


Thanks TimForbes. I faced so many trail and errors for this noodle and dyanmic noodle. Finally got it.

Hi All,

Here is the latest link:

waiting for critics and comments…

Currently working on Shell. Will post soon…


yeah I know what you mean, i have tried a bunch of different ways to get it right and I still want to change my armsetup but I’m running out of time…


I’m no rigging guy to comment…but the model looks good for great animation…Looking forward for more from you.


Thanks to TimForbes and Send2Raj for your comments.

Here is another one:

C&Cs are welcome.