Audit's Sketches


2/6/06 (or 6/2/06 for North America, or 06/6/2 for China :))


[b]This thread starts out slowly with some old attempt, however I’m now using this thread to post my sketches and speedpaintings as i do them; please check the latest page, and feel free to leave a comment! I’m always looking for opinions and fresh eyes /b

I would love some feedback on this piece. Painted in photoshop since I became inspired to try out some of the great brushes here – it’s supposed to show a fighter jet of some description shooting from a huge bank of cloud…I just think it’s lacking something…

any advice?



very nice ,i think the clouds need more work try using a referece picture
other then that its quite lovely


Had a rethink of the composition and the colouring, as well as the type of cloud (thanks to reference!):

It’s massively unfinished, planning to add more hi tech stuff, somewhere. Any further thoughts welcome.



I think that colour wise, the original is superior. Nice work so far, good luck. :bounce:


teal-k - thank you for the advice

jmcwilliams - i think i’ll keep the latter composition and maybe reintroduce some of the original colours; thanks! :slight_smile:


OK, another post, another version: I’m happier with this one, redid the colour to include more
purples and pinks, and added some more clouds…I love clouds :bounce:

Any thoughts about colour, composition etc. welcome, as always…




yeayyy looks fantastic i would make the clouds a ittle more puffy though :slight_smile:


Just my opinion of course, but I still much prefer the original :twisted: I even like how it is bursting out the clouds, maybe just make it a little further out to clear up the composition. haha, sorry if that’s not what you want to hear.


Just found this thread, and I gotta say the the original just destroys the newer ones. Composition-wise, colour-wise, texture-wise. The only thing the original needs in my opinion is some shadows/darks on the bottom parts of some of the cloud forms, especially the ones towards the top left quadrant.



lol i’m a bit confused now, but cheers everyone for comments.

teal-k: thanks, i’ve got rid of those clouds now heheh
jmcwilliams: yar, i think you’re right - the first one was just beginner’s luck i suppose…
jabuhrer: thank you for the advice, i’ll take it.

But anyhow, I worked this morning on a bit of ‘hardware’ to go in the painting:

any opinions, advice welcome. this is still a wip after all!




hi anyone who sees this, however briefly…I did this speed painting recently, might start to use this thread to collect my speedies together.

…although…it might be cool to try and get this to a higher level. Any thoughts or ideas for the composition/colour scheme etc.? I’d love to hear!




Hmm, I like the color scheme so far, though I think what I would love to see digital artists investigate more is the color schemes of traditional artists.

Here is a webpage of a former teacher of mine, whose landscapes I just loved:

I think what is lacking in your piece is a range of muted grayed town hues, which can often be quite beautiful when contrasted with more saturated colors.

Apart from the color scheme, I think that the structures just need to be firmed up, so that they look less organic. But you clearly have a great start! :slight_smile:




I think I know why everyone (incl. myself) prefers the original.
The original has these very dark clouds at the bottom, suggesting pending doom or such ;-), which is nice.
Also there’s a haze around the edges of the clouds (mostly on the upper part) that looks way more cooler then those on the other versions.

nice disturbing ‘mothership’ btw.


thanks guys:

rebeccak - wow - those are beautiful paintings, quite luminous. I will try and get something of that into this work - i agree that the colour scheme is a bit harsh and over-saturated. Thanks!

general midi - thanks :slight_smile: the psychology aspect never occured to me before…!


interesting variations on the cloud theme. The second and third are my favorites. IMO the clouds just need to be sofened a bit.

I think collecting your images into one thread is a good idea!



gord -
thanks for your input! I think I’ve abandoned this painting, however :confused: i’ve ben so intent on speedpaints recently that I really forgot about it, and I’d rather start afresh. Basically I’m not ready to work to a ‘completed’ image yet, I have a lot more practice to do. Anyhow I intend to start collecting images here…so watch out!! :smiley:

some old sketches, speedpaints: all PSCS:




more old stuff, speedies (around 1-2hrs):


Nice images! You have a cool style :slight_smile:


trunks - thanks :smiley:

more speeds (1-2hrs):

These were first posted on the DSF:


Couple more recent ones: