Audio Scrub?


I’m trying to learn DFX+. Really cool so far but I have yet to find an Audio Scrub anywhere in the interface or docs. I can load the audio into my timeline by adding it to a saver. I can hear the audio when I have rendered something and hit the play button. But I can’t hear it as I am scrubbing around. Can someone help me out?


Open the timeline view, and under the saver there will be a “+” to expand. This will show you your wave form. If you click and scrub on it, you will get what you want.You can also right click on the wave form and choose a larger size, to make scrubbing easier.


Are you sure that works with DFX+? Because it doesn’t make any sound for me when I do that. I can make the waveform bigger though. . . thanks for that tip.


What version of the software are you working with? Check to see if there’s an upgrade to it. I believe the latest version is 4.04c. If you are working with that version, be sure to report it as a bug to bugs at


4.03a. . .

I’ll go find an updater. Thanks again.


I upgraded but there is still no audio scrubbing.

Are you certain this is a DFX+ feature and not exclusive to Digital Fusion? I’d hate to bug tech support if this isn’t even possible.


Yes, this should work. Almost everything DF does is possible in DFX+, just in 8 bit.


It’s worked for me on DFX+ before. Make ue you click and drag on the audio representation lines, not the time line.


Ahh thats what I was doing wrong. Thank you very much Kvaalen.


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