Audi TTS, Piotr Mroz (3D)


Title: Audi TTS
Name: Piotr Mroz
Country: Poland
Software: 3ds max

Hello guys this my another cars which i made to upcoming HDmodels vol 4 collection
Modelling in 3ds max, render in Vray
Comments and Critics are welcome enjoy


Perfect… nothing to say.



yeah PERFECT !.. like your other works.


Totally agree, very much close to perfect. A few things though, but its just my opinion.

  1. I believe the robots in the background would be a little bit more shiny since its metal. They look a little bit to much plastic for my eye. Very good texture on them though.

  2. Some water drops and some suttle dust from sand or something on the car would make it even better. Modeling, lighting and rendering: amazing, but the car is in my opinion too clean for the environment. If you had the car in a studio, then it would be perfect. Fantastic work on the tires. I will use this pic as an inspiration. Thanks for posting it.


The car modeling & render is near perfect. I could be picky & points to a few minor flaws like the door handle & the matching between edge of the door & the front fender, but nothing major.

I feel, however, that the overall quality of the background is not the same level as the car . The robot arms & control panels seems a little short on polygons as well as details. I understand the focus is on the car, but the backdrop just take away a bit of the realism.

I think it a quick fix is to apply a little D.O.F burring of the background.


Beautiful work, though I agree with what others have said. The car is too shiny, compared to the background which has no reflections. Some balance in reflectivity might help the piece even more.


Beautifull work!

One of the better cars here on cgsociety!


Beautiful render and modelling


Why aren’t the side mirrors red? :frowning:

And do you know when HDModels vol 4 comes out?


this is awesome … little depth of field can make it even better i guess… plus the alloys can use some more reflection i think… rest the car luks great .


To the untrained eye (me), it’s totally mistakable for a real picture. Best compliment I can give. Nice work.


Awesome car and environment to go with. Thumbs up.


I love it, to quality of the rendering and modeling, good material, soild work!


the car looks really great…


Nice Rendering.~


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