Audi Tt 2014


Hi Guys,

I just had the opportunity to start and model the Audi TT 2014.
State: WIP
4 Hours for Modeling

Im changing a bit the lower part in the front. Its going to be a mix between the released Audi TT and the Audi TTS

Hope you like it.

Happy modeling guys :buttrock:


Small Update

Hope you like it.


Hey, its coming out well. Good shapes so far. Waiting to see the progress.


Hi maxster,


New Update


Your off to a great start! I think some of the edge loops around your panel gaps are a little uneven, but its hard to tell if that will make a difference until you put a shader on it.

Some of the corners also look a little sharp. The wheel arch in particular. Some of the panels also look slightly caved in. The hood and the panel that makes up the headlights above the wheel arch in particular.


Hi AJ1,

Thnx. I hope this car will have a nice look at the end.

In which areas do you mean?
May be I forgot to check something? :argh:

Im 99 % sure that they should be in their position. But maybe i forgot something.
Im using hi-end Tools to check the Edge Flow and the surfaces, but tell me the areas where you see this uneveness and I will double check them :beer:

Im using real Radius, but may be I forgot something in that area.
I will check laso.

Yes, thats totally correct. This is the only one is concave at the moment and there is a reason for that.
I will change this soon. Once I have more shape in the back of the car.

For the other surfaces suppose to be correct.

Thank you AJ1 for your observations. I will take a closer look on the points you mentioned :thumbsup:


great modelling i like it
keep on & good luck


solid start, your mesh looks balanced to me. seems you know what you do, keep going!

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Thnx Mr-Evil-studio.
Good luck for you too and happy modelling!

Thnx Jack-Ferrera.
At the really end need to go thru to all details to be sure that every detail looks and works perfect like AJ1 said.

Moving on. Lets finish this today so I can move on to the interior.


Hi Guys,

Just another update.

I need to make some changes in the back window.
Tomorrow i will finish the rear part and the roof.
Then the wheels and after that move on to the interior :bounce:


wow this is great work. very clean modeling here. I’m looking forward what comes next.



Hi Chris,

Im gald you like it.

Now time to cut the windows.

I add also the sharp edge on the Door. Totally forgot.
Now is there.


I came up at the point that need to add a new design face lift for the rear bump (muffler area)

I made a research and the TTs has in the back in muffler area a really bad Design (I personally dont like it) and the normal TT also.

This is just a really quick idea.


If you are up to new new designs then search for “BMW M3 modified” in google and you can see the cool new additions and stuffs. Since this car is pretty much similar to the M3 you can look for many reference.
I think its good to try new designs and some additions. Good luck!


Hi maxster,

Well I have done many BMWs and i know that Audi is extremely conservative.
Therefore need to add a traditional and conservative Design.

And the result is this.

Hope you like it.


Cool, nice work. I see a couple of pentagons on both rear side which may create an uneven pinch in shading, look out for those which always create weird reflections. And what’s with the wedge near exhausts ? Is it your concept of addition or is making space for lights or grills at the back end ? Anyways its cool :slight_smile: I wonder what comes next.


very nice & clean model right now


Thank you maxster!
Yes this pentagons are there (no more) to guide me. I already cleaned up. :thumbsup:

Which one do you mean?

Yes it is my concept of addition for grills at the back end.
See new images.

Thnx maxster.

Next… Wheels, but with a new design.
Somehow I like to design/model Wheels. And this time for a new brand and no just BMW which will be a challenge.

Hold on… I need to finish the window in the front part.

Thnx Mr-Evil-studio
Glad you like it guys!


Hi guys,

Just a couple of updates.

Hope you like it!

The wheels are out of their place I need position them later on.

Dont ask… I was too lazy to make the brake in Polys so I decided to make in Nurbs. :argh:

Some extras I did for rendering proposes.

P.S. Hate to make tires :banghead:


Some of the panels still look a little flat. You might have a hard time getting them to look good with a car paint shader, since your highlights will be all or nothing. If you add some subtle curvature, it will reflect the light in a more pleasing way.

I think its possible that your misreading the depth of the trim on the hood and down the side.

It looks like most of the trim lines are formed from two offset convex surfaces, rather than the ends of two concave surfaces joining together. Look at the panels gaps on the doors for clues.

You can kind of see on this one how the hood should be slightly higher than the other panels.