Audi Q7


Ok, to make it short, I’m working on this model for a little while now and it’s almost finished. I saved a version every day I worked on the car. I spend about 1-3 hours after work the last time, so this is more a diary, than a true WIP thread :slight_smile:

have fun

Here we go: day 01 - Splinecage


Most imporant thing is to have good references. I went to an Audi dealer nearby, with my camera :slight_smile:

a small selection:


uh oh i hope your not using 3dsmax; i’ve already tried many cars using 3dsmax’s splines and… it doesnt work out lol


yes, I’m using 3dsmax, but I did the splines just as orientation. The whole Car is a polymodel and patches are only used for the windows!
You get a far more accurate mesh if you have a reference not only as blueprint on some planes, but also kinda 3d blueprint. But you’ll see tomorrow :wink: (uh, here it is tomorrow already)



Wow! This is my concurent in this car aplication! Nice photo collection from audio dealer I don’t have so good references :banghead:

God give me more free time to finish my Audi first :cry:

Good luck! I will back later to see more. :shrug: :shrug: :shrug:


day #2 - the splinecage
As I already said, I use the cage not for patches, but as guides for the polys. You can align verts via snap on these splines.

cu tomorrow


haha, nice to see you, sitnik, well I guess you mean “competitor”. Maybe we can motivate each other instead of doing a race :wink:
I have not the planned to do the interior, but when I see what you did so far, yes, this motivates me… let’s see :slight_smile:



oh dang, you’ll have to show me how to do that, i think i’ve seen snap to something somewhere before but i dont remember how to do it :frowning:


day #3 -starting the modelling
I started with a cylinder, placed over the front axis, as you can see on the pivot. This gives me a correct radius for the opening of the front mudguard (correct term?)

I’m using a wire material for modelling in shaded mode. So I can see my mapped backplanes through the model. To switch between wire and shaded I wrote a little script, “wireON/Off” and put it on a button.

cu tomorrow


Nice… I ll be watching your progress.


Looking good so far :thumbsup: Good idea using the splines to snap the vertex on, havn´t seen this before (maybe I should read more tutorials) :blush:

I´m sure this is going to be a kick-ass model!
Coming back soon.




Good ida for star modeling Audi . waiting for finish your work .

thanx Kamal


Hi André, welcome in my thread :slight_smile:
The snapping! If you haven’t seen it before I will now brand it as my invention, cause I figured it out by…myself! harhar!

There is one issue I thought about some time before I started. It’s the “working mesh resolution”. I saw many great models of cars with a very smooth surface due to a very low mesh resolution you can leave most of the smoothing to Turbo Smooth (TS). But most of these models have problems with details and won’t stand printsize resolutions.

  • Advance: Nice smooth mesh, less bumps
  • Disadvance: Problems with details. You have to model with an offset in mind, you best work with TS activated (argh!). TS hates big differences in mesh size and, as we all know, hates “non-quads”.
    If you use this method, snapping onto splines is no good idea because TS usually shrinks geometry. You smoothed Model will not fit into the spline cage.

I choosed the way of a higher working resolution.

  • Advance: you are the Master of details!
  • Disadvance: freaking lot of geometry, that needs to be handled EXTREMELY carefully to avoid bumps!
    For this, the snapping technique is great, cause TS will not change the geometry to much.
    The smoothed mesh fits into the cage very well.



i want to know how you snap vertecies to splines; i know the snap to buttons; but … i tried with a plain to snap a vertex to a spline but… it went to the center gizmo (not center of spline; rather the center of the whole as an object) and not… where i wanted

basically… when i tried to snap the vertex to the spline; it didn’t even attach to the spline, it just went to the center of it (since it was a curvy line)


it’s too easy. Use 3d snap.



that’s an awesome idea. and sure will be an excelent model. I’m not very good in cars. so your thread is like a tutorial for me.


day #4 - getting it smooth right at the beginning

It’s really important to get it as smooth as you can. If there are bumps in the mesh at start, they will be transmitted through all refinements you are gonna do later.
I often use the speculars in viewport to inspect the surface. Rotate around the model and watch carefully.

the area between the big red arrows needs to be tweaked. The area at the small arrow bumpy due to the mesh preperation for the air intake.

cu tomorrow


just cut a line up from the bottom to where the A pillar ends infront of the mirror to make it sharper too and that should help

the part in the front though, just keep working because it will change the more you work with that area and get it ready so… once you cut it out, then work with it, but its going to look like it does right now because you have 3 edges so close its causing a sharp bend
(another reason why i wish i knew how to model with splines)


day #5 - slow and easy

cu tomorrow


Coming along great so far! wondering how this model is coming to turn out.