Attribute holder dependency loop problem


I have a problem with Attribute holder, I’m trying to store a parameter “node” the object that the modifier Attribute holder, but it gives me a dependency problem, why?
What is the right way?

ca = attributes MainTank
attribID:#(102999653, 254224688)

		parameters Main rollout:RolloutMainTank
			MyObj type:#node
		rollout RolloutMainTank "Tank Control Panel"  

custAttributes.add $.modifiers[1] ca

$.modifiers[1].MainTank.MyObj = $

– Error occurred in anonymous codeblock; filename:; position: 278; line: 16
– Runtime error: Assignment failed, possible dependency loop, $Editable_Mesh:Sphere001 @ [-2418.831543,271.231934,0.000000]



Yeah, it’s the same thing with scripted extended modifiers.
I remember using something like this in one of my projects, try searching more informations about the nodeTransformMonitor, it might help.

Note that it was on a scripted modifier extending the PointCache one.

on attachedToNode obj do
         this._node = nodeTransformMonitor node:obj forwardTransformChangeMsgs:false


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