ATTN: Notifying Moderators.


hey guys. i been browsing through this forum on and off and in some cases ive noticed that people are still not following the rules. I would like for everyone to Notify the mods if you see any threads that are not following the rules ( ie. posting a head with no perspective shot… or wireframe… etc )

this way we can get to the threads that NEED attention much quicker without browsing through every single thread. so just press the “report this post to a moderator” button near the bottom of any post in the thread you would like us to look at. and state the reason. Cheers.


How do you notify mods/report threads in this new Forum Version? I don’t see the links for that anymore.


It’s an icon now,when logged,it’s right next to the status icon under your avatar.


Thanks. I did not see it.

Somehow a small red triangle graphic with an exclamation point in it did not say “report post” to me as clearly as a text link which said “report post”.


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