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[b]All Painter stickies are in this thread, which contains all the basic and most asked questions about Painter. Always check here before posting. If you post a question that’s already been answered here, you’ll most likely be directed to this sticky thread anyway.

  Painter Wishlist:[/b]
  Painter Tutorials:[/b]

Pixlart’s Tutorials:

Painter Tips & Tricks

  [b]Importing Brushes[/b]
  [b]Keeping Painter 6, Painter 7, and Painter 8 Running Smoothly:[/b]
  [b]Problems updating Painter 8:[/b]
  [b]Bad RIFF Data:[/b]
  [b]Excellent Painter artists and their artworks:[/b]
  [b]The importance of a properly callibrated monitor/video card

If your question is about general 2D (how to draw/paint), or tablet related (which Wacom to use…etc), you should post your question in the Art Techniques & Theories forum. Only post in the Painter forum if your question is Painter specific.