Attack on Hoth!


Ok… I was sorta deciding on NOT entering this competition, bechause the level of experts here is INSANE! But a lot of people told me to give it a shot, so here’s my contribution!

I decided to make an image to celebrate the legendary attack on the rebel base on the ice planet Hoth!

It’s more of a complete image, than it is a genuine modelling-contribution… But I’d like to post i anyway…

The Image consists of Imperial AT-AT Walkers, Imperial AT-ST Walkers, Rebel Snowspeeders, Rebel base, Rebel X-Wings and Rebel Transports… It was created over the last two weeks, using 3ds Max9, Mental Ray and Photoshop… All the elements in the Image was rendered seperately, and compositioned in Photoshop.

I’ve been using 3ds max for two years now, and I think this is one of my best images so far! I hope you all enjoy it!


More models…


Here I started compositing the models together… at first it was only ment to be a small image feauturing the ATAT and snowspeeders, but then i decided to add more size and action to it, wich lead to my final composite…

You can find the full-scale image at:
I sincerely hope you enjoy the image, and that it pays the proper homage to the legacy of one of the greatest movies in history… I’m terribly nervous about posting it here with all these great artist, whom are making INSANE contributions to this challenge, so I hope you’ll all be kind with me… =)

Sincerely Lars Martinsen


Looking good mate:thumbsup: intersting to see some one else do an AT-ST, One crit though. You should fix up the walking stance of the AT-ST as it appears to be walking hunched over. The AT-ST walkers have more of an upright stance…hope that helps you.


Looking good, but I think you might’ve broken a rule or two in this competition. The only WIP’s you’ve posted are of composition tests with COMPLETED models…the judges won’t like that :slight_smile:


The only thing I can say in my defence is that all this work has been created during the timeline of this competiotion… the only reason i didn’t post anything befor (as i stated earlier) is that I didn’t think it was good enough…

Sorry if I broke the rules in some way, but I don’t really think I’m in the top 5 anyway, 'cause the level in here is insane… :slight_smile:


You’re underestimating yourself…your models are very good and detailed and your compositions are well balanced, dynamic and thoughtful. I’m sure you’ve made the models during the past two weeks, but what worries me is that the admin might have doubts. One way or another, keep up the great work no matter what :slight_smile:


Thanks, man! Much appreciated! =D

Yeah, I was worried it might happen, but it’s cool just to enter anyhow, and get some responses from other artist…


Where were you 6 months ago Lars! we could have done with those models lol

Excellent stuff, look forward to the scene :slight_smile:


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