Attack Of The Fishpipes, Domen Lombergar (2D)


it’s a message board, not a press release. if it’s a message board people should be allowed to voice CRITICISMS or disagreements not just ‘that rocks Insert generic smiley’

And for the record I would agree this is just average work. the rendering and blending of the layers is fine for the pic but doesn’t really have anything going for it other than strangeness. nothing else stands out.


that some scary litle picture there :D… very unique and cool :D… great work…


Your piece of artwork rocks!

Any special msgs behind it?


He written that something is done in 3dsmax so i am corious to see what…can we see any wireframe?


Ok I’m not willing to make an endless argument, as it is not the point, and it gets boring.

But let’s take surrealism painting for instance. Dali didn’t event it. And if you look at Dali’s work, Magritte’s work, and Tanguy’s work for instance… they’re all in the same “genre” if you like, but all very different.
Saying somebody copied Tanguy’s style is not implying Tanguy invented surrealism painting, and is not implying all surrealist paintings look like Tanguy. Just the specific one we’re talking about.

This is not a contest to show everyone’s knowledge of art. I think a lot of people in this forum know a lot of different photoshop collage artists, or have seen a lot of photoshop collage images (as it is CG). Nobody’s implying McKean is the creator of it. But in this particular case, it is not a photoshop collage ressembling another artist’s work, but McKean’s. That doesn’t make McKean anything he isn’t.

Now you’re totally entitled to disagree and to not see the connection between the 2 artists’ works. But just be aware that we didn’t use this name as the only reference we have, but as a particular choice of both choosing a name people will fastly recognize, and choosing a name that DOES, in our opinion, have a lot to do with this image, and not only because of the technique used, or genre it is in.

No hard feelings at all, as I said I do pretty much enjoy this picture.


Such a very interesting and very strange picture. Definitly brings up Surrealist works in my mind. It is always those pictures that are different from the norm that bring the most controversy, this is just more evidence to that fact.

I personally think that even if it may be a photomontage it shows skill in manipulation of photographs. Elements are blended together nicely, and the overall composition portrays an odd, but consistent mood.


even though the technique is nice, but I don’t see anything in this work. Just weird, no idea revealed whatsoever. Sorry for putting it so straight.


that’s what I’m talking about… I read lots of comments like…“too many of this”, “too less of that” …“you should do this…” …etc… **** that, sure it’s weird, but very subjectively I think the picture looks good, I liked to look at it… the overal tint, the lighting, the atmosphere in general is awesome …and more… indeed it made me wonder things about it. I just made a comment over a Yeti painting that looked quite good, but had no soul… it was a well done cold flat picture. Here anyone can say whateva he wants… but it’s creative, crazy, there is a thinking, imagination behind it… and I value that above everything…

Way to go dude!


Yes but if you want to get technical on specific artists, his work actually is nothing like Mckean’s work. There are no scribble lines, no textures, nothing to be a carbon copy. If anything I would say his work is closer to dali than Mckean.

If want to see someone that is similar to Mckean, check out another comic book artist Ashley Wood.

I mean, I honestly fail to see the how this and the image posted by the artist in this thread are similiar at all, other than both are surreal digital pieces. On what grounds other than both being digital surreal collage works are they similiar? I mean if you are going to try to insult someone by saying they are a carbon copy at least back it up


:thumbsup: fantastic style !


Haha aren’t some of you taking this a bit too far when saying he ruined your christmas and such? :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the piece but I can understand why others don’t, it’s just that kind of image. Don’t really have any crits.

also as a note: Maybe direct your crits to the artist instead of using them as counter arguements in this discussion?


I find this work to be technically good. As an art piece it falls short for me. I don’t get it. Is there some meaning behind this or is the artist just trying to make something strange? Without any message I just see this piece as a group of images. I have no center of attention and my eyes wonder and I get board of it quickly.

For the people that are hating on this because it is “just a bunch of photos”, are you saying that collage is not a legit art media? Artists have been doing this for years.

For the people with the one sentence post questioning why it is frontpage, please elaborate on way you feel that way. And talk about the piece not a mods decision.


not realy my cup of tea…but I will say that the best art is the art that gets people talking :wink:


Very artistic! Thou it might not feel awesome to some I recon, but it certainly does to me! :smiley: I especially loved the details, the taps, the hair and the face in particular. The composition is very nice as well… So with no other unnecessary words from me man! :thumbsup:


Nice piece of work. I kind of prefer this kind of art than a “well-polished 3D Ferrari on a glass floor”…


thanks for saying that!! i’m quite amazed that people are wondering why it’s frontpage!! Do you think guys you absolutely have to be hyper-technical and technical only to be frontpage? I think this is some refreshing piece of imagination driving you away from “perfect human skin shader” and “over detailed monster” . I think technical skills are totally useless without imagination.

thanks for posting this stuff!! I really enjoy it


here’s my 2¢!.. I like it!.. it serves as an image that represents the poem well enough… I also like his other montages as well which I noticed also have been plugged by mods before but personally?? I don’t think it’s front page material.

It’s a basic montage which is a visual translation of the poem and besides the raining fish thing I can’t really see much connection. The overall mood is done well, the poem and the image is both dark and weird but nothing really grabs me as well… outstanding.

people who say this is fantastic don’t seem to state why…I’d like to read about what feelings were invoked or do they just like it??

Maybe it’s plugged because it’s so different to the main bulk of the other works posted here but that is always bound to cause friction… not because it’s a great piece of art(as stated) but because people who work hard to produce and refine their technique doing 2d illustration can’t get on the front page simply because the competition is much greater than for a photo montage or a collage…

Not much can be done about it short of making a new section dedicated to it. I’ve always thought cgtalk should have a bit more variation then just 2D and 3D section…

I also think these kind of images should have a minimum of 10 to 15 comments of praise before a moderator can qualify it for front page since… they are only human!. :slight_smile:

that’s all folks!


OH. MY. GOD. :eek:

Wow. Featured on the frontpage? Wow. Thank you so much. I only stubled upon this thread by chance since I never got any new-reply mails so I kinda figured this was ignored and never got any comment. Which happens. But this? Wow. Even my cgchoice image didn’t get this much comments.

Thank you to all who contributed their critique on my image, may it be a positive or a negative one … I take all into consideration.

Oh… as for the questions directed at my wireframe pictures being posted… as you may see I have posted it in the 2d section and it’s here for a reason. There isn’t any 2 million poly model here, I only use 3d max to create something that I might have a difficulty masking out or painting in. I just have this really huge fetish for making “perfect” masks and this got me into max.

As to the comparison between me and McKean … we’ve been compared on many occasions but I still do not see any bigger similarities that on the fact that we both do artowork in the same genre and that we both use a digital medium to achieve it. Personally I feel much more connected to someone like Magritte (which I admire) or Kahlo.

Hope I get a new-reply email this time :slight_smile:


I would like to thank a couple of people in this thread. You most definitely know who you are. Thank you.


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