Attack Of The Fishpipes, Domen Lombergar (2D)


Title: Attack Of The Fishpipes
Name: Domen Lombergar
Country: Slovenia
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

What strange worlds in oceans wide
In this machine I could bestride?
What wonders to my oceans yet to see
Encircling infinity.

Far and wide I cannot report
In the scientist’s cruel hold caught.
Sore mistakes on earth they made
Treachery in this decade.

My voice is not so small
If seldom heard, our call
To be seen as we should be
That virgin spaces, could first see.

The last image from the “No Need To Breed” exhibition. Photoshop and 3d studio max, published in Steeldolpnih artgroup pack 3. Thanks for the comments.


That’s a realy wierd piece of art, but I like it. Great concept. Keep up the wierd but good work.


Can’t see the idea or the reasons why this was plugged to frontpage…


well… I can. i think it looks fab :thumbsup:

so which elements are 3D and which are photos?


Hi Domen!

I like the work on it´s monochromatic mode! I like it very much becouse this make me remember Dave McKean works.

See ya!


i’m not sure either…


Its nice but i dont understand why frontpage.
I hope to see some wireframes, than i will understand.

Not on my mood for rain today december… (fiew more days for x-mas.)… snow… happy familly… colors everywhere…

Just my opinion.


come on now…don’t be haters…

I like it, it’s different. A nice change of pace from the normal front page stuff we see day after day. I mean really, there’s only so much photoreal and/or uber-high poly stuff we can all stand before we need a little kick in the brain to wake us up.

Good stuff, very weird and creative.



Something truly refreshing gets plugged! :thumbsup:

Needless to say, I like it a lot.


if you like that kind of art, check
very cool and disturbing pieces of art :wink:


such a great Conceptual art,and i liked it alot… maybe it’s not the mood of these folks.!


I think its an april fool.


Nor can I…:hmm:
Maybe they thought that it was all 3D when it looks like the only thing that is might be the reference figure at the bottom.


Maybe they thought it was a good piece of art and weighed it on concept, craftsmanship, and composition. Remember that the C in stands for creative. I find this highly creative.


I thought the C stood for Computer Graphics.
Anyways I am uncertain what to say about this piece.
It strikes me as interesting.
Nothing else I can say at this point.


Wires please. I’m very interested to know exactly how much (or little) is 3D and how much is 2D comp.


wow! the style is so cool! I like it !
But I don’t know the moral about it .


I’d guess the lightpost, the grass, and maybe the wooden figure in the back are 3D.

The lightpost is a bit too sharp to be from a photo, and even if it was from a nice silhouette shot, the bulb probably wouldn’t be black. The grass is a little too uniform, and the edge of the dirt is a little too visible.

The wooden figure? Who knows, but it could be from a photo.


nice one…good to see some art based on an idea/story.
technically i would criticice that the production is a bit raw and smeary.

btw. some comments here about art and wireframes make me want to get sarcastic.


well, I don’t care of the amount of 2, 3, or 4 D… it’s avery interestying piece, with a great sense of composition, a really interesting mood; it’s a sort of picture which stay in mind, when all the other stuff has gone… I think we need, in digital art, more and more of that sort of work!..