Attachment of Objects from Both Sides


The pink cell in the image is distorted slowly by an animated Noise Modifier.

Receptor objects are attached to the cell with an Attachment controller and two Y shaped objects are linked to two receptors.

All objects nicely move according to the noise deformation.

I need the torus shaped object to connect the close ends of the two y shaped objects, but the three objects should move connected with the noise deformation.

Any recommendations?


some random routes:

  • treat 2 Y objects as bones, skin the donut with the 2 bones
  • if the Y objects are more complexed, with vertex animations on them say, maybe use skinwrap on the donut


Thank you for the help. I created a bone set and used a Hi IK solver. Linked the end pieces to the moving particles. Had some flipping issues trying to link the bones but I simply attached my models to the bones. :smiley: It worked like charm.