- Attached Thumbnails Problem


Since the latest upgrade, attached thumbnails in threads do not display (get the red x of doom and some text). When clicking on the red x with text, I get taken to a login screen. :argh:


same problem here. what are you browing with?
Im using mozilla 1.7 and explorer 6.0.26, I think some bugs are still ingering about in v3, I dunno.


i get this problem too.
im using xp pro and FireFox 0.9.2


I get the same thing on IE 6.0.28. I just assumed that because I had under 30 posts, I couldn’t view attachments either, in addition to not being allowed to post them. That can’t be the case then.


Ah yes! I know what the problem is…but we can’t fix it till Rob gets in on Monday…so he’ll fix it then.



Just making a test run



I’ve updated the way attachments get fobbed off to the main server - previously we were redirecting any attachment requests on our second server, to our main server - but because the main server had a different DNS name, unless you had your cookie on the main cgtalk server seperately (server4.cgnetworks.com) you’d have a 50/50 chance of actually getting the attachment.

I’ve made it redirect to cgtalk.com - which makes it possible (though unlikely) to enter an unending loop of redirects (if you never get load-balanced to server4). I’ve added a new cgtalk.com subdomain for just server4, once DNS has propogated (ie. tomorrow) I’ll switch to using that (hoping that cookies are OK with the subdomain).

Lemme know how you go?


Hey folks.

It should be fixed now, lemme know if it isn’t.

Basically, attachments & images were being requested from a different server than the one you were on, and the cookies weren’t working across the entire cgtalk.com domain.

We’ve made some changes to the cookies (you may have to delete your CGTalk cookies before it works properly) and it should all be good now :).


cool deal, They are working. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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