ATP Synthase


Here’s my take on ATP Synthase:

This enzyme is so amazing and a molecular motor so prepare to be confused but I love the way C4D handles biological education videos.

As usual the link won’t work on this site so here is the video on C4D Cafe:


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I find myself consistently amazed at the inner workings of nature and particularly the human body. The deeper and smaller we go the more astonishment seems to become routine. I suppose the same can be said for going in the macro direction, too, if you’re into, say, astrophysics or epigenetics. How little we seem to know in this ‘age of information’. Sure is fun trying to find out though, isn’t it?


Those are my thoughts precisely! The level of science currently truly amazes me. I mean how do they know this stuff!
Case in point is the exact mechanism of how ADP is converted to ATP in the Stator (non-rotating and larger area of the ATP Synthase). It turns out the shaft has a bulge near the bottom and this changes the shapes of each of the larger area subunits as it rotates which mechanically lowers the normally high activation threshold of the reaction ADP to ATP and forces ATP to be created (800 times every second!)
They are talking about a molecular motor which is all over the inner membrane of those incredibly tiny mitochondria and yet they know this level of detail!

Researching this was a very humbling experience and, wow, have I gained respect for those nerdy researchers.