Atom Array + Vertex Map + Fields Question


Hello everyone and congratulations on your awesome forum.

Here’s a screenshot of my scene to clarify what I’m describing below:

I am working on a scene where I have a platonic object (pyramid) inside of an atom array object, that has two deformers warping it, each with a spherical field revealing the deformer. This works fine, but what I would like to achieve next would be to have a vertex map controlled by another field to reveal a second material wherever the field is influencing the object. I can only get this to work on the pyramid itself without the atom array, is there any way of getting this going on the atom array object itself?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, all googling and experimentation has not yielded any results on my part.
Peace guys!


Anyone? Or do I have to bake any animation I want on the pyramid first or something?