Atmosphere Emitters III


oh, there should be more of those buildings actually : )) they produce atmosphere for the whole planetā€¦i kinda like seeing more of them far :smiley:
btw bridge is my ideaā€¦just seemed nice to have round elements in whole imageā€¦
thank you for the crit, means a lot, since your architecture work is really amazing, cheers!


Really great drawing, the zoom give an idea of the quality of your work. Congrats !


:slight_smile: thank you! i guess i will post the full res link laterā€¦


Canā€™t really add much to what has already been stated, tis a very beautiful image full of exquisite detailsā€¦

as an aside, and i appreciate it is done as done could get, but i was wondering wether that glow for the distance horizon, top right could have been shifted for the sun. that could have looked really niceā€¦

in any case, you should be proud of this effort :slight_smile:



Thank you Marley, i think i know what u mean about that distance glowā€¦its created by the sunlight going thru the haze thereā€¦ i wanted to have something similar around the sun but i think it would make it look too foggyā€¦it used to be blueā€¦cheers!


Bravo Brajane.


Woah dude, thatā€™s kickass work!

Congratulations on the honorable mention. Just seen it 5 minutes ago, had no idea you were working on it.


tnx guys!
FenrinĀže! yeah lots of blood and tears went into making of that : )) i think its legal to post it elswhere now that the competition is finally over, full res is much better.


Well it shows. I always wondered how come you donā€™t draw more, cause you have talent for it. Funny title, just your style. :smiley:


Great workā€¦nice balanced imageā€¦


thank you :slight_smile:


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