Atmosphere Emitters III


done, done and done, this is final and i wont be cluttering the entry no more : )) this is a second tweak i did on my original entry here:

the colors are more calm now and contrast is better think. i’ll post details below again.




vEry nice man very nice

What do you think about my final entry ?

Alien Architecture


This should be #1 in my opinion! Great work!


holy freeking god


tnx guys! :slight_smile:


Hi Brajan,

This facing side is better (like the original entry)

I think the solar body in the top left is a bit too distracting and draws the eye constantly to top left.
I would personally leave that out since you have some very nice indicated rim lighting already in place without the flaring sun.

Good luck with your entry (I think you are a good candidate!)




Loves the details!:slight_smile:


thanks alvin!

sectora thank you for crits, much appreciate! i did a lot of thinking about that sun there…i have variations without it and the pic looks too empty then…the lighting was poorly planned for this one and i really learned a great deal how important it is…i will leave it as it is for now, but i have to promise myself not to take composition so lightly in my future works : )) thank you and good luck to you too!

btw there is still time so maybe i change it again :smiley: i just dont like posting so many tweaks : )))


just fantastic, one of my favourites for sure! I really like the ultra wideangle perspective, one can really feel the epic scale. The landscape was done in zbrush? Really nice man!


Grate work and good luck to all of us here :slight_smile:
thank u for looking


friggen amazing…

but you know what? i really like the cut up details better than the whole…

amazing work…amazing detail…fantastic job.


thanks! yes theres lots of details…its too small here to see everything…i may post the full size after the competition… : ))


great looking piece of work that stands out, enjoyed it alot


thanks dude, i appreciate :slight_smile:


Greate work. It was first serious project in this chellenge what i saw. Im very imprest of your skills - specialy the look from the ground to waterfalls… is very well done - without pictures…
umbolivible. master piece work!


Thank you! well, it was meant to be all 3d but i would never get it finished in time…much of that is tweaked and painted now : )) its my first serious landscape/architecture project so im happy how it turned out.
Pozdraw! :slight_smile:


Best work I thing :thumbsup:


Top class… My favourite!!

Like it a lot…

well done…


[left]Very nice & rich entry.
I also agree that this is a top class entry.
Why did you repeat the bldg on the background?you will reduce the importance of it!it looks like the headquarter for the area…but not when you see three of them!

Your bridge is one of the best ever designs that i have seen for bridges.
is that your original design or you derived it from somewhere?

Good luck.