Atlas In Desert, Lombardo Simone (3D)


Title: Atlas In Desert
Name: Lombardo Simone
Country: Belgium
Software: 3ds max, Brazil r/s, Photoshop

Hi all!
It’s the robot i did for GSO Challenge…his name…“ATLAS”, i would make a new image only with him… with some color i like. And i put him in a desert!!
Hope you like it!
187 682 poly without smooth for the robot and his weapon.
And 13 144 for the background.
Made with 3DStudio Max 5 and render with Brazil.
Adjust on Photoshop CS.
Any crits or comment are for sure welcome!!:d
>> Hi resolution image <<


It looks like u worked quite a bit on the model, but using diffuse in photoshop did decrease the details in ur bot and bg. I suggest u decrease the diffuse to show the sky, and details of ur bg. great modelling skills, love the sword…


Cool robot, I like the style, it looks sort of illustrated rather than being a render. I do agree with the first comment though, its a bit over exposed.



I think the robot design looks very nice!



Hey SuperXCM,

Nice work on robot. I like robot design and his material. Maybe background need some more work.


I think it looks great. The overexposure adds to the softness of the image. Great job!


Hi all!

Thanx for comments!!
Yeah i know it’s for sure too diffuse on 'toshop… but i would like to make the sensation of warm… and some overexpose like NauticaC saied, perhaps like the film "Three kings" with G. Clooney…

For the background first i’ve made some clouds and detail… but i stop all, and concentrate on the robot. It seems like a photography. A strange robot in the middle of nowhere! :shrug:

Thanks again for all comment!!! :bounce:

Cheers!! :beer:


Hi Lombardo…seen this guy somewhere…hav’nt I?:wink:

Wonderful design and overall a real nice piece of execution from modeling to textures…:thumbsup:

I think with this creation being so detailed and flashy a more serene or calm backdrop would work best…Possibly a nice exotic rock formation,like a pedastel…This would contrast with the Bot real well,an organic substance with this artificial being…and allow the bot to remain the main eye-catcher in the piece…

Either way a real nice piece of work,and the designs are beautiful and unique…:thumbsup:

Another challenge coming?..Will you be there?:cool:

As for me…probably not…but that Challenge pull always gets to you sooner or later…:wink:

Hope to see you again soon…:beer: (Belgian Beer :wink: )…


Hi Virtuoso!!! :bounce:

Oh it’s a long time!!!
Thanks for the comment. :blush:
Yes, it’s the robot of my GSO challenge!! :slight_smile:

I love your idea!! It open new perspective and inspiration on my mind!!
I certainly try a new pictures in this way. :wip:
Thanks for that.

Hehe! The next challenge, yes… i’m waiting for it… i don’t know if i will participate, it depend of my freetime, and the theme of the challenge… if i have a good inspiration.
I’m sad to know that you probably not participate… :sad:
Anyway if you not participate, i hope to see you on the forum of the challenge, we all need you comments and critics.
For the GSO Challenge, you motive me to finish, and you help me a lot. I’ve learn so much!!
Thanks again for that!

See U soon on CGtalk… and hope to see you one day in belgium, we’ll drink some Belgian Beer together!! :beer:

Thanks again my friend.


I really like this model, My only dispute is the simplicity of the head in relation to the complexity of the body. This can work but you should accent the simple head with some of the elements of the body, this would result in an easier transition from head to body. And also have to comment on the that beautiful sword it is awesome. It has a kind of a organic style which contradicts the usual static blunt objects we associate swords to be.


Hey Lombardo!

Your robot still looks really good - in fact he looks even better in this environment. Hope to see more of your wild stuff here soon!?

I do miss the rose a bit… but the new sword is looking real cool. So - you’re in for the next challenge?


Thanks for reply!! :bounce:

ashrumm–> Thanks for comment, yeeh, during the challenge, i’ve received the same comment for the head… i know it’s simple, but it’s because, the head is “open”… i explain, on the top there is a protection, but for the image i turn it back, i try to post soon, some other view of the head. Thanks for the sword, i would like to do something differents thaht what we can see usually.

Gunilla–> Thanks for comment my friend!!! :bounce: :bounce:
I don’t see there an new challenge, until you saied to me, but now i’m in!!
The theme is really special, i’ve not idea, i will read more carefully the rules, later.
But i don’t see your thread? :shrug:
Hope to see you in this new challenge!!
And you’re always welcome to drink some belgian beer!! :beer:

Thanks again for reply!!


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