Hey guys finally here are the results for this first Unnoficial Matte Painting Challenge. thanks to the panel of judges , Dylan Cole , Chris Stoski , Alp Altiner . the people at CGsociety, Leonard Teo, Roberto Ortiz, Leigh Van der byl
and of course our main Sponsor Ballistic Publishing
for their help on making this a great challenge .
and thanks tto the community for the great entries we had :thumbsup:

Congratulations to the winners and runner ups !

Alex Popescu

2 nd PLACE
Pavel Mikhailenko

Pavel Cucka


Dave Edwards

Levi Peterfi

Adam Richards

Raine Kuusi

Sean Murphy



Really Good works… CONGRATULATIONS to all winners…:beer::arteest:



so…when will the next challenge starts? :slight_smile:


GREATE MATTE! Congratulations!!! :thumbsup:


wow :eek:wow~wow~~~~~~

great pictures~~ ~~~~~:thumbsup:

me too !!~~congratulations to all winners:thumbsup:~~good woooooorks!~:bounce: :bounce:


Guys this is scary good work!

Awesome entries!
Congratz to all!



Levi Peterfi is my favourite!
pictures of trully epic proportions! great work! no crit!


Congratulations to the winners Alex Popescu, Pavel Mikhailenko and Pavel Cucka.
:slight_smile: It was a really nice challenge.


Amazing work guys! Congrats to all. :slight_smile:


WooooooooW! Just incredible! :bounce: Finaly the FINAL )

Thank`s to all of you GUYS! It was realy gr8 contest! :thumbsup: I was hoping to get at least in 10… but NOT to be the 2nd! Damn ruuulezzz :rolleyes:

Alex Popescu, Pavel Cucka - my best congrats!!

I think i`ll take part in the next one :thumbsup:


Those are all really good! Great job to all!:thumbsup:



I never thought of being 3rd!!

A lot of stunning entries. Congrats to everybody.

Special congrats to Alex Popescu and Pavel Mikhailenko.

Really wonderfull challenge!
I suppose to see you in the next one then…:smiley:


Pity there are no comments from Alp, Chris and Dylan. I`d so much like to hear what do they think about my work :blush:


Yeah, I thought there will be some comments and crits from the judges…


MPavel, it would be also great if anyone could see your image :slight_smile: or maybe its just a problem with me, but i dont think so


I dont know, i see it. If nobody see it id like to ask jamesvfx to check it out


I don’t see it either.


mmmmh strange I can see it perfectly and in several computers I’ve tried I see it, let me see what I can do


the judges are really busy people ,I hope they put some comments later , but anyway just being judge by them it is enough . I think they have real vision and real knowledge about his art, just understand them please


Very GREAT works friends!!! I like it a LOT :bounce:

I have in mind, that I join to this challenge, but I don`t have time for this great Challenge :shrug:
Really very good… Perfect.
11*********** from me to all!