Atlantis : Sandu Baciu : Finding Atlantis


Hello … Atlantis [World]

I put some sketches, just to have an ideea about how would be…it’s funny, I really don’t know how will be the final ;)…yet…any way, will be a ship sailing/swimming/flying [who know?] toward the lost city of Atantis …

I will attach the last update here -Final-:


hey Sandu , thats looking really nice . i would say that once you get the city in there try and take much of the focal point off the ship and more onto the city , or make that craft the city :slight_smile:

great start!



I agree with matellis focus on the city, matte painting is about enviroments, that ship could be the one discovering the city but your focal point needs to be the city


Tnx Matellis, you’ right…I changed the concept toward castle ship…I hope people will like’it…I found that’s a genial idea :thumbsup:
[By the way, on background thay found hockey hall of fame -the building-:)]
10x james, you are right, too…I worked on environment, not as much as it should…
Now I will try to work on the final mood, I’m still pending between an icey blue or a deep green…third step is bellow :wink:


so, I came with an update, more like toward icey look…i like the medussian [gellyfish] castle undeewater look [whoo, what expression :)]. Yap, focal point is on the ship, more like ‘hmmm, we know that’s an underwater city, losted, but we didn’t know about that ship…so we found Atlantis?’…

yes, may be ;)…it was a ship, not a city :).Enjoy!


looks nice but still the spaceship is too big and is the centre of attention.
good work, keep it up.


I agree to anim_ziggy. The submarine should not take more than 3% of the whole image! A matte painting should show the city and the surrounding. The main focus MUST be on the environment. A little submarine pushes the final composition but it should not be in focus.

I like your first concepts. To hide the city and let it be lightend by the submarine is a very nice idea!


@sandu22: matte painting is about enviroments only, this is more like a submarine concept with a background , or a very nice ilustration, try focus only in the enviroment and this must be your focal node, the judges will cenrtanly say that


hi all. 10x for reply, I will try to change the concept…a little bit :)…so I will concentrate on the environment.
First will be the city on the bottem of the ocean with several lighten clouds…[each will take a shape, like sea horses, I’m still searching for best …fit :slight_smile:
so, next step, more work on the environment…


so, next step, working on sea horses :smiley:


I like the smoke creatures, but your pic might be too busy right now. Too much smoke pillars? They could be blocking too much. Good technique so far.


Hey Sandu , I am finding it really hard to get a sense of scale with your matte painting. Maybe make the plants you have bigger in the foreground and a lot smaller towards the structure. Right now when I look at it the matte I get the feeling the people were as small as ants. hope that helps :smiley:



upgrade…yap, it’s true, no sense of scale, so I added few ruins and I changed the clouds…Still in pending for the central figure, maybe will be a lady…hmm…I will add 2-3 scuba’divers, on the bottom, small scale. Thank you all for reply:thumbsup:


almost finish…even if a better name will be ‘Gardians of Atlantis’,anyway,is almost final.

C&C are:love:


Very interesting concept :wink:

Good luck si multa bafta :slight_smile:


…preparing for the second entry :slight_smile: …just based on the mood, light from top left, few ruins on bottom right, one statue bottom left, hmm, not so ‘deeply’, just simple as possible…


so, I added fresh drinks-was hot today:D - until I saw Atlantis circles…only few of them… curiously were similarly to an radiation danger symbol. maybe was a coincidence.


…after that I become very ‘wild’, I rotated, copied and pasted the imagine, I adjusted a little bit the light and I found…hmmm…

'Gates of Atlantis".

Enjoy the second entry :buttrock: [sorry for rezolution, best fit was as below]


Hey Sandu this is looking really nice! the only thing that i can really notice is that you used the same image for all the circles. Try changing each one up a bit :smiley:


very cool concepts, alot of space is in darkness, would like to see some architectures here :slight_smile: