Atlantis-Princess Kidagakash Nedakh, heri irawan (2D)


Title: Atlantis-Princess Kidagakash Nedakh
Name: heri irawan
Country: Austria
Software: Photoshop

Hi Everybody!
I was watching the movie Atlantis from disney, i like a lot the character from princess kida.
here i try to make her in a different look and feel,original character is from walt disney. done for my personal portfolio.

Name: Princess Kidagakash Nedakh,Call her: Kida,Age: 8500-8800, What she does: Princess, warrior, huntress

About Kida: Kida was a small child when Atlantis sank. She can’t remember much about the destruction of the city; just “people running and shouting.” She watched as her mother disappeared into the Heart of Atlantis, a memory that still haunts her.

Photoshop CS 4 with Wacom Intuos 3


This is truely awesome my brother…!! :bowdown:


I just want to show the step/making of princess kida.
CC welcome


Hi Subi,
Thanks my brother!


Very nice, I like your work.


Thanks Dimitri,
I have a look your portfolio, I like your style as well.
you have your own style drawing.


Wow! Stunning work! Very nice look and feel to this painting. I enjoyed it a lot. Excellent choice on colors and the work you did on the textures and patterns is beautiful. Great job!


Hi Anthony,
Great to have a feedback from you!


Great textures, nice patterns and wonderful figurework! I love the details.


very nice! love it.

(hand seems a bit too big)




Hi Franklin Ayers,Thanks
Hi Ben Neall, i have to think and look again about that,thanks a lot.
Hi Waleed Hassan, Thank you!


Perfect work…I fell in love with her :slight_smile: … Congrats…


impressive work

which font is this?


Hi Bulent Altinay, Thanks! she has boyfriend already.His name is Milo,…:sad:sorry!


I used “Arno Pro” but “A” is not original,i used “V” flip vertical/Rotate180%.


Hi, Heri Irawan. Great Image! love the light on this. Nice Job.

Also I Love Bidadari and Rumote!


great shading depth brother , i love it


Hi Christopher Scott,
Thanks a lot!

Hi Arunlal,
Thank you brother! and i love your illustration as well! Great work.


very nice …