Atlantis : Moy Shin Hung : The Forgotten


I know this is very late. I just know about the competition yesterday, time is short and I’ve got an exam coming up… I really hope I can complete this in time. :sad:

The backdrop for this concept is an incomplete underwater photo-manipulation that I did awhile ago. I thought it fits. The first thing I do is try to sketch out the ruins. I find the architecture from the buildings from very inspiring and helpful, even though the culture might be different.

I was wondering, the current sketch spots a very vibrant blue which is common in my usual fantasy painting and whether I should resort to a darker, more saturated palette instead.


Added some more detail!


Good luck to you,man it looks great. I´ll watch to your progress:thumbsup:


the mood of this sketch is great. keep it up.


yeah, i agree - mood and depth are just gr8!!


wow this is great! the composition, concept, mood etc, great depth feeling , good luck !


GonzaloGolpe, Inlakechh, Mpavel, jamesvfx: Thanks for the dose of encouragements! I need it. :bounce:

I feel sorry for not replying sooner. Been busy with midterm the last 2 days. Today, I am able to dig a few hours into this.


  • finalizing the sketch on some portions
  • trying to get the right color and contrast (while keep reminding myself not to overpaint and ended up too unreal )

I will constantly experimenting with the color. I think the foreground looks quite painterly.


Oh no, I’ve got less than 18 hours to go, if the deadline goes by the East Coast time (can anyone comfirm this for me?). Been spending the last 2 days adding as much detail as possible. I’m so spent now.

95% paint with Photoshop. C&C are welcomed!


wow ! so fast and so great ! congrats ! good luck :thumbsup:


I like yor final. Good luck!


Oh no, it’s not done yet… >< Need to clean up the upper middle, right-most and the nearest rock.


Come on,man, you can!:thumbsup: It´s looking great. I send you extra-energy to finish your work,hehe :wink:


too late for fixing ) But don`t worry! Your work is realy coooool!!! :thumbsup: I like the compozition, colours, mood!

I wish you good luck!


great entry … the only thing I don’t like is the bright light on the rocks … could be ice.
Good luck to you.


Awesome composition and depth. Very cool concept on the perspective.

Wishing I could see this with more photo and textures though.




Submission1 (top) " A photo shot taken deep sea "

Submission2 (bottom) " An art with photoreal details "

Background: Once a glorious civilization, the city of Atlantis sank beneath the sea after a catastrophic-proportion disaster. Millennia after, the knowledge and culture of the Atlantian had faded with time. The light of the once proud city shines still, penetrating the deepest depth in the ocean.

Procedure: I spent the last 3 days painted most of what seen using Photoshop7 and only used a stock for the rock texture in the upper left, refered heavily for the temple in the bottom right and the jellyfish. Definately gained alot of insight as well as coping with my stress.

Bottomword: I would like to thank everyone who has given me support and the many other great submissions here for the inspiration and motivation. Good luck to all of them.

p/s: I missed my sleep and friends… :frowning:


GonzaloGolpe: Thanks. =)
MPavel: I’m too late ady? =( It’s still 4th of August, 5:02 PM now by -12:00 GMT though…
mordecaidesign: I don’t exactly has any photos to show but I could show you my brushstrokes. :stuck_out_tongue:



My Atlantis entry: