Atlantis : Matt Ellis : title coming soon


Great to see this challenge started!

This should be tons of fun and very educational for me :slight_smile:

I wish everyone luck and I cant wait to see all the enteries develope!

Time to start sketching and I will add my story to this post soon as well :slight_smile:


Most recent update:

final image

close ups




Good luck, Matt!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



our first contender !!! welcome and good luck !I’m sure we all will learn a lot


hey everyone

Rebecca: thanks :slight_smile:

Jaime: yeah this will be a good experience for me , cant wait to see what people come up with:)

So I just got my basic idea together. Next I think I will start on design for the architecture
before I go in and start thinking about the composition.



Good Luck!


yummy concept…good luck Matt! :thumbsup:


cool concept Matt.great avatar btw hehe


Thank you and good luck to you too! Lovely idea very ecological.


There is a good concept here. It will be interesting to see your animals/plants buildings.

Good luck Matt :slight_smile:


Hey thanks for the support everyone :slight_smile:

So here is my first concept for the structor as well as what the people may look like since I am thinking about putting a couple in the matte.
Any crits are most welcome :slight_smile:



looks very interesting,good luck!:thumbsup:


Looks really nice! I think this will be really neat concept with those transclusent organic thingys.

Pigment is overrated anyway :slight_smile:

Good luck!


cool concepts, good luck!


hey thanks for the feedback!
this will be tough but fun :slight_smile:


hey everyone this is my first concept , i kinda like where im going with it , but i think i should do a few more before i decide on a final.

crit it up!



Hi Matt,

Nice color scheme and sketch, but where is the focus of the image? I would like to see many more of those pink jellyfish / mushroom thingies, take a look at the Finding Nemo jellies for inspiration and see what you can do differently. Think in more sweeping / epic terms / and try to find a more dramatic angle ~ I recommend doing small / fast comps, just sketches to really get the sweep and flow first before adding detail. Just some suggestions. :wink:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



I totally agree with rebeccak, a better composition is needed, more interesting angle


Hey thanks for the crits guys and i agree :smiley:

I will be coming up with a few more sketches before i decide on a final , and here is my newest 30 min sketch

Cheers :slight_smile:



Hey, that’s better :slight_smile: I think I would go for that really long long sweeping gaze, you know, the best compositions seem to go that extra mile where you think it’s going to stop, but then it just continues, and there’s that added ‘oomph’ to it ~ like the winning 3D entry for the Challenge, there’s an odd size to the image which is surprising, and the perspective carries your view way up and way down, and all across the page ~ keep pushing your comps to the next level, and then go beyond your best one! :slight_smile:




hey everyone , heres a quick concept i did. I was just sitting around and i thought of the idea that that the ruins to atlantis was in an arms reach , and i have kids on the beach looking for neat little things while walking around and relaxing.