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This is to mark my entry into the unofficial matte painting challenge entitled Atlantis. I look forward to getting to work and seeing the work of others as well. Good luck to everyone!

~* christian


Atlantis is completely obliterated. All that remains is its essence. Deep beneath the ocean depths its seed is hidden. The Atlanteans knew of their impending doom so they housed this seed deep inside a marble quarry where it would lay untouched and waiting. Secured to the marble quarry by long chains, Atlantis awaits those who will plunder the deepest parts of the ocean to awaken its essence.

Here is a concept sketch

Here are 3d models i used to help guide me for further previsualization.

The digital matte is a combination of reference photos and alot of Photoshop painting. The hardest part was to get the realistic subsurface ocean feeling and the visibility that occurs at such depths. Time of completion was about 1 week. I changed my original concept becuase i felt like to have such a vast structure at such a distance was not realistic in terms of visibility.

thank you kindly for your comments and critique… all is welcome!


good luck christian !!


Hello, This is the concept i have been mingling with. I wanted to give the feeling that Atlantis resurrected from the ocean depths, and to make many of its formations similar to that of the ocean. This way it has an organic feel, and i can feel free to explore my creativity. I am unsure about putting plants in the forefround, as i like the starkness of it, but i feel i should put some human/ocean elements… besides the terrain that Atlantis is built into. I feel something like a group of fish or a large whale or a submarine might work in the foreground or middleground, but only to lead into the focal point and help to give Atlantis a nice sense of scale. I think that may help ground it a bit. Anyways, any thoughts would be appreciated.

thank you kindly


Looks great man! Love it! I want to support your idea of putting something in the foreground to show the size of atlantis. I would say most people are doing a submarine … also I think a submarine would not really fit into the feeling your image has. I would like to see some whales swimming there.

Keep it up :smiley:


Here is where i am at currently. One of the problems i am encountering and which others may be as well is the realistic visibility underwater. So if there are any ideas as to how to present this in terms of believability i would appreciate the advice. I am also think about another idea that would show Atlantis in an up close view as well. I think this concept is good to go though. I added some manta rays and also textured the foreground to give it a feeling of some coral. After this i will begin with 3d objects and 2d images to achieve the desired results.

thank you kindly


interesting idea! nice sketch:thumbsup:


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