ATI Radeon 9800XT and Maya


Hi Guys! I don’t know if this has been posted before, but I’m having trouble with my ATI Radeon 9800XT (256MB RAM) and Maya. I’ve installed all the latest drivers (ATI Catalyst) but I’m really getting poor performance from my card (red lines if you drag the ISOPARMS, moving CV’s take forever to update for a med-size model). Has anyone found a workaround or tweak on this?



sorry can´t help you, but i´d like to have a solution for that too. My Card is an ATI 9600 pro with Catalyst 4.7 Win XP SP1 and this “Isopharm drawing”, or how would you call it, is really gettin on my nerves. :smiley: Jeez if i´d have more money i´d buy an extra Workstation and trash those gaming cards ^^;


Been checking out what others had to say about the Radeon 9800XT, and most of them don’t have any problems with it. Some people say it might be caused by the motherboard chipset and the card (Im using an ASUS board/Intel 875P chipset). I kinda find it weird because I’m having absolutely no problems using the card with applications like Combustion and Photoshop. :hmm:


I realize that you guys are new to the forums (so am I, lol). But PLEASE keep in mind that there is the ability to ‘Search Forums’ for a specific topic/subject. The issue of Radeon 9800’s and Maya has been discussed many a time on the forum. As for offering you any help, sorry I can’t give you any b/c I don’t have the 9800 (I’m still using my extremely out of date 800 MHz Dell with a GeForce MX 420 :cry: but not for long!!! muahahaha. Anyway…). The only thing I can help with is that from the posts I’ve read regarding ATI cards and Maya is that the nVidia cards work better because they work better with OpenGL which is what Maya uses (and most other 3D apps from my understanding). SOoooo… the Radeon 9800 will work fine with Maya save the glitches such as that isoparm issue you’re both having, but the nVidia cards (most likely GeForce FX 5900XT and up i believe, correct me if i’m wrong) will have fewer glitches. So as far as I know, there isn’t a way to fix that minor glitch with the isoparms. I could be completely wrong as I do not know very much about the Radeon 9800 driver compatibility with Maya, so if anyone else has any experience with this, feel free to chime in. But yeah… just remember to search the forums before asking a question because it may have already been answered not only once but many a time. Thanks guys. I hope you find the answer you’re looking for.
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you could always soft mod your radeon 9800 xt into a firegl :slight_smile:


Is it possible to soft-mod a 9600? Because in the soft-mod drivers that i have found there´s just a 9500 option. I soft-modded my old GeForce 2 to a Quadro and it really helped :slight_smile:



Hey! Did you do firegl softmod your 9800XT? How’s the performance with Maya and 3D MAX?

A friend of mine just upgraded vidcard and offered me a great deal on his ‘old’ 9800XT. I read
alot of mixed opinions on 9800XT cards with Maya but found none for 3DS MAX. let alone on
succesful the softmod is.



Here´s a good link for softmodding Radeons to FireGL

They write about a driver-only mod with the Riva Tuner scripts.
I tried that on the 2 avaiable FireGL T2 drivers. The newest won´t
install, it crashes without any message. The older driver is successfully patched
but it says “Video Driver not found” and “Please load a VGA Driver for your videocard”
when i execute the setup.exe in the driver dir of the unzipped driver.
If i execute the setup.exe in the root folder, it just installs me the
hydravision drivers and wants me to reboot o_o Any idead about
that? If possible i don´t wan´t to update my VGA Bios, i´m afraid my
card won´t work anymore ^^ Never flashed a VGA Bios before.


Read the guide on to the scripts for softfireGL, direct link:
That should give you all the information you need. I can remember that one had to patch an incredible amount of files with the newer drivers. Have a look at the forums on for what latest driver the softfireGL scripts are certified. Cat 7.98 is the latest I guess.



I softmodded my HIS Excalibur Radeon 9800 Pro IceQ 128 Mb into a FireGL X2… Well, the actual modding was not smooth sailing, since I got garbage on the screen. Tried to revert to the old backuped bios, but the file was corrupt. (forgot how bad floppies can be). Sweat started running down my forehead, thinking I had ruined a perfectly good card. But then I thought of underclocking the card. It worked, the garbage disappeared, and I was, oh well, I’ll do with this until I can afford to ship it to the place where I bought the card from. But what I did was edit the FireGL X2-bios, and put the new values in (Core from 380 to 300 MHz, and Memory from 340 to 300 Mhz). I patched and installed the FireGL-drivers and was expecting horrid results because of the heavy underclocking. But no, take a look at these test results from SpecViewPerf 7.1.

Before (Radeon 9800 Pro 128 Mb)

Run All Summary

3dsmax-02 Weighted Geometric Mean = 12.36

drv-09 Weighted Geometric Mean = 29.21

dx-08 Weighted Geometric Mean = 71.20

light-06 Weighted Geometric Mean = 13.10

proe-02 Weighted Geometric Mean = 12.32

ugs-03 Weighted Geometric Mean = 19.67

After (Softmodded to FireGL X2, heavily underclocked)

Run All Summary

3dsmax-02 Weighted Geometric Mean = 11.61

drv-09 Weighted Geometric Mean = 58.20

dx-08 Weighted Geometric Mean = 74.37

light-06 Weighted Geometric Mean = 15.15

proe-02 Weighted Geometric Mean = 16.47

ugs-03 Weighted Geometric Mean = 31.57

Better results in everything except for the 3DSMax test. But somehow, Max feels faster anyways, so I’m a happy camper. :slight_smile: Would be cool if someone with my card could extract the bios and send it to me, if I someday would start gaming again (which isn’t likely to happen, since I use PS2 and Gamecube for that. :)).


Hi :slight_smile:
try or
for a bios file that fits your card. But i´ve read somewhere that these mods won´t affect gaming performance. Would be cool if someone could test that.


Thanks, did try the bios there for my card, but I still can’t get up to the normal clock without garbage. Oh well, I’m happy with the better performance in 3D programs anyways. :slight_smile:


Well if someone has a problem with the rivatuner patches, as for myself, my card “couldn´t be started, (Code 10)” with the patched drivers, try freefiregl drivers here on the right. They work for me and now the isopharm-drawing is gone :slight_smile:


Thank you FX Kaito! Those drivers seem to be working great! :slight_smile:

Another plus is that I used a ATI-bios to save my card (instead of using my vendor’s bios). So now I’m going at it full speed with great FireGL-drivers. :smiley:


Heh no problem :smiley:
i hope you´ll have as much fun as i do with your “new” card :smiley:
BTW, have a look at Right klick on Desktop -> Properties -> Settings -> Advanced -> Configuration. There might be an option you want to enable. Hm does anyone know what
“Enable KTX / ARB buffer region extensions” and the System Memory setting is on the Workstation tab?


The buffer region extension is a mechanism that allows an area of an OpenGL window to be saved in off-screen memory for quick restores. The off-screen memory can either be frame buffer memory or system memory, although frame buffer memory might offer optimal performance.

A buffer region can be created for the front color, back color, depth, and/or stencil buffer. Multiple buffer regions for the same buffer type can exist.



Ah i see, thanks for the info :smiley: I guess its play time with the new settings of the card :smiley:


waking up an old thread … i have a radeon 9800 pro … and i uninstall my catalyst drivers and installed those firegl drivers. and i’m still getting those redlines when i try to draw isoparms.

can someone share with my what they have done to get the best performace out of this card. when working with maya . what drivers you have install and such thx


Hi d0c,

with my now outdated Radeon 9600pro, i let Driver Cleaner clean the System from
ATI stuff after i deinstalled the driver itself. Then i installed the FreeFireGL driver,
selected the proper FireGL card with the 9600er Chip and let FreeFireGL do all the stuff.
Then i had a fake FireGL card and everything was fine. No red lines in Maya. I even
could play with the FireGL card just as with the Catalyst. Though i don´t know if it
affects performance in Games cause my last CPU wasn´t fast enough for the card.

In November, ATI wants to publish a new driver architecture called ACE with an all
new OpenGL part. I´m looking forward to it and i hope that it will solve these Problems
in Maya even with the gaming drivers cause there currently is no FireGL X3 softmod
x800 if i´m not mistaken :frowning:

Greets, Kaito


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