asus n6600GT - bad performance and CPU shut downs :(



installed new asus n6600GT - 128m AGP yesterday. tried it with maya first and noticed really sluggish viewport performance (5 - 10 fps at 3k tris).

second test was q4 at medium settings, 1024*768 with AA and AF disabled. this landed on somewhere around 10 - 15 fps.

third dissapointment was a spontaneous computer shut down while testing with q4. followed by a bios “overclocking failure” warning after restart.

after this, i’ve had three more computer shut downs, two in q4 and one in maya. all of these without bios warning.

oh, and i’ve tried both the supplied drivers from asus, as well as the nvidia ForceWare ones.

anyonwe? :frowning:


A description of your computer (hardware and such) would probably be helpful :wink:


sure, as follows:

case: antec performance plus 1080 amg
mobo: asus p4c800-e deluxe
cpu: intel p4 3ghz ht
ram: 1gb kingston value
gpu: asus n6600gt 128m agp


it smells to me like a driver problem. Are u using the 81.xx drivers? try the 77.77 cause they are 1000 times faster than the lastest drivers in OpenGL.

btw my 6600 non-GT handles 500.000 polys at about 15-20 fps in maya :slight_smile:


this graphic card is exactly what i’m going to buy except it’s PCI-E 16x and 256MB. and it’s really good in price!

hope i dont face the same problem! and i will use the 77.77 Driver as you guys said.

any other advice?


yes, i’m running 77.77, but still no improvment.

i’m actually beginning to believe that this has nothing to with the graphics card, but rather with some cpu/power fan overheating or so. cause i’ve noticed that in maya it shuts down when i’m pushing the cpu so to say. for example subdividing a hipoly mesh to much.

in games though, it’s still shutting down at random.

i also remembered that an exactly identical shutdown HAS happened to me on one occation about 6 months ago, also when i pushed performance in a music application.

could this be right? processor or powerfan gets overheated when pushing the cpu in games or maya and that’s what’s causing the shut downs? and would that also explain the sluggish graphic performance?


that seems to be the answer! buy new fan and/or heatsink. or maybe try to underclock it so you make sure that it’s the problem. i dont know how to underclock.

  1. did you plug the suplimentary power cable in the video card? (check the video cards manual for that)
  2. what system power suply do you use?


Check your temps maybe your heatsink is not mounted right.


yes, the video cards supplementary power is connected properly so this should not be the case. as for power supply i use the one that came with the antec performance 1080 amg chassis @ 430W.

i checked the system performance tab in the BIOS, just to have a look at temperatures and such, and found the “power fan” line marked red @ about 1400 RPM. could this be what’s causing my trouble?

the rest of the figures read like this:

CPU - 75.0 degrees C
MB - 20.0 degrees C
Power - N/A

CPU Fan - 2800 RPM
Chassis Fan - N/A
Power Fan - 1400 RPM (marked red)

does the rest of these figures seem normal, and what about the Power Fan RPM?


It’s the CPU heatsink.
It’s overheating so it automatically shutsdown\restarts
Get a new heatsink that should solve all the problems.


Are you using the stock heatsink? P4s are pretty hot, so investing in a good after market fan is a good idea. Something from Zalman or Thermalright should do nicely.

75C is too hot for your CPU (granted its rated for higher, stability suffers at temperatures like that). Ideally you want temperatures below 50, and closer to 40. My system runs at an even 35C on both CPUs at load using simple air cooling (just to give you an idea). My idles are around 32C.

Also, you may want to try this before spending the money on a new heatsink. Make absolutly sure that the heatsink has been properly mounted. When you attached it you should have done the following: Clean off the contact surface of the heatsink with rubbing alcohol (cleaning off the CPU is also a good idea but not needed). Then take some thermal paste or artic silver and apply it sparingly (too much is bad) to both the CPU and the heatsink. After that mount the heatsink and all should be done. The heatsink should be fairly secure on the CPU and unable to move. Be sure to plug the power of the hsf to the proper connector on the board, its usually labled CPU_Fan or something similar.


ok, thanks a lot then guys! i’ll check if it’s properly mounted first just to make sure, and otherwise i’ll get a new heatsink. :slight_smile:

just curious though, did the other temperature and fan speed values look ok? and why did my bios mark the power fan RPM in red?


is your fan rattling? it might be that the bearings have gone, hence why its slowed down.


ok, just one more thing…

would the CPU overheating issue also be what’s causing the bad graphic performance in games and maya? or do i have two problems here - with the overheated CPU causing the shutdowns and something else causing the sluggish graphic behaviour?

just want to make sure, as i don’t know if processor heat and graphic performance is related in that way.

thanks! :slight_smile:


Most likely its the overheating CPU.


Just wondering if my graphic card is on the right tempreture. when i’m not working with it, it’s on 53 Degress, and when i’m playing games it’s on 70.
it is Asus n6600GT 256MB PCI-E.

and btw, i used the 77.77 Driver and it was slower than 78.** which i’m using now. should i use the latest driver?


the games would be running like crap because when the P4 gets really hot it throttles is speed down which would make the game chug.
Atleast i think thats whats happening :thumbsup:

Best of luck sorting it out


many thanks to all of you for your help! :slight_smile:

i’ll try to get it sorted next week, and’ll come back here to post the results.

cheers. :slight_smile:


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