Asus A8N SLI deluxe: Is 4gb ram possible?



I’ve been considering small upgrade for best bang out of money I can allocate at this moment, and I decided to go for extra RAM (adding a set of 1GB [= total 2GB]) to max the memory module…

Following is my current set up;

A8N SLI deluxe
AMD athlon 64 x2 4400
2GB RAM (pqi brand, 3-4-4-8, No overclocked)

I remembered that I read people own same MOBO complained about its full usage of memory slots, for instance, MOBO won’t take advantage of having max amount of RAM, which is 4GB, according to the mannual.

Can anyone give me a suggestion for this?

Thank you for your time…




I have the ASUS A8N-SLI Premiun and it runs perfect with 4x 1GB OCZ sticks and Xp64.



Since I have 32-bit version Windows XP pro (sp2), I should ask “if you did something else” than just filling your momeory slots to work them… Also, I am wondering if you did any “overclocking” on your setup.



if you are using Windows XP 32-bit version (Pro or Home) you won’t be able to get full use of 4GB, u’ll get around 3.5GB. This isn’t a problem with the motherboard, its a limitation with 32-big Operating Systems.

I believe you can get use of 4GB on a 32-bit OS but its not exactly easy to pull-off. For full 4GB (or more) you need a 64-bi OS (Windowns XP-64bit or some versions of Linux).



Thanks, first of all…

I was reading following site moment ago…

Basically, they were troubleshooting to let OS recognize RAM more than 3 gb (with 4 gb installed), and still not sure how this would go with my current system. (windows xp pro, sp2, 32-bit) Although the link partially pursuaded me to think 64-bit xp will work for recognizing “full 4gb,” with numerous reasons, I am holding to go for that.

Can anyone explain how to initialize 3.+ gb ram get recognized by windows xp (sp2), 32-bit? I see myself fairly intermediate Windows user, but I’ll appreicate if you can explain in plain terms…

Thank you all…



As clondike7 said, you need xp64 to get full use of the 4GB ram.

There were some boards in the past which had problems recognizing 4 GB of ram, but I havent heard of that anymore.

I have a Opteron 170 ( 2ghz) which runs nicely at 2.5 ghz since almost a year now.


Even if you had managed to enable 4GB, most 32bit Windows apps are limited to 2GB anyway (as this is the maximum allowed space per app in Windows)

The most you can get out of Windows 32bit is 3GB for user applications. You acomplish this with the 3GB switch…

If you really need 4GB, think about upgrading to 64bit Windows.


MarkusB and lots,

Again thanks for your reading and replying.
It’s not surprise to face the fact (over advertise), but this is a bit disappointing issue.

Adding extra RAM was “limited” but best choice upgrade from my current rig for performance boost. Additional 200 bucks for 64-bit OS is not an option I can take at this time, unfortunately… Moreover, I’m still skeptical how my collection of apps will behave under 64-bit environment. Heard many driver incompatible issues whihc I didn’t experienced myself, but have no time to figure them out…

Having said that, I am asking you guys, what would be next choice for “limited” upgrade?

Budget should be under 200 bucks and I don’t see much except getting extra room for HDD, which barely believe this would affect any performance. At least, I can have more room to backup, and that seems to be all.
Any thouhgt on this?


At the moment I dont have any program making trouble with xp64. The last one was zbrush2 but that is fixed now :slight_smile:

I am runing, 3d Studio max8 and max9 on it, combustion, photoshop, zbrush etc… all those “normal” 3d artist toys :wink:

To be honest, i would wait if you have the additional $150 for xp64 and do nothing at the moment…


To name one, softimage…
I got the permanent license (as 32-bit) last year, and I love it very much… especially for hair and cloth (syflex), this is only one I can lean on. :slight_smile:

Next big upgrade should be close to end of this year or so, and it should be definatly with Vista on new CPU.


ok, i cant tell anything about softimage, but this is like it was with 3d studio MAX8 (32bit):

xp32bit -> always crashes when the MAX reached approx. 1.6 GB ( no 3gb switch)
xp64bit -> renders fine now till it reach approx 3.5 GB

So, maybe things are the same with softimage 32bit and you can use it with xp64 and benfit from the full 4GB. Of course, adding more than 4GB wont help a 32bitt app :wink:

… and honestly i wont go for vista. It is a pain in the ass, what companies like microsoft can do and how they can restrict and control our use of windows!


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