ASUS A7A266 mobo bad for Quadro 4...any recommendations for an alternate?


Hello all,

I’m the owner of an Athlon 1.4 with an Asus A7A266 mobo machine running on Win2k. I recently aquired a Quadro 4 XGL 750 and after messing around with the drivers I realized the card wasn’t performing as well as it should. Then I read this recent review at

I was dismayed when i read the following:

"One issue that delayed this article for several weeks was a strange performance-related problem under Windows. This turned out to be the fact that the NVIDIA driver falls back to PCI operation on motherboards with M1647 Ali Northbridge chipsets. This included the Asus A7A266-based test machine.

Without a working AGP implementation, benchmark scores can be as low as one quarter as its optimum result.

For serious users, please watch out for Ali Magik 1 M1647-based Northbridge motherboards such as the Asus A7A266. Although Windows may indicate that it is running in AGP mode, the NVIDIA drivers disable this feature due to instability problems. Likewise most motherboards based on VIA chipsets are throttled back to AGP 2x. These safety guards were done under the premise that it’s better to have a slower but stable system, than a system that would quickly develop problems and crash. " :thumbsdow

This bites! Now i have to find a better setup. Can anyone recommend a more compatible motherboard for my system? I’d hate to have a “neutered” $1000 DCC card on my machine!! :frowning:

Thanks for any recommendations.



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